The Wolves of Avalon – Y Gododdin

Wiggle room in any given style is always something that demands to be worked with as we move from one band to the next as that’s the simple fabric of any sound that allows us to have different experiences rather than the same jargon recycled over and over again. From the most fleshed-out of genres to new niche territories that have just been mapped out, a little wiggle room goes a truly long way to keep people coming back. In the world of folk metal, that goes doubly so given the immense potential that the sound can have that is only limited by one’s imagination. With their fourth full-length album, The Wolves of Avalon make that starkly clear right out of the gate.

While not constantly having many of the extra instruments in the way of violins or such that I would normally love to see in the world of folk metal that would cause me to get really excited real quick, that doesn’t mean that’s the only way to deliver a worthwhile performance of the style that is as gripping as it is tasteful. Across five tracks in just shy of a 29-minute runtime, it’s hard for me to look at the epic backdrop of “Y Gododdin” and not be moved by what this quintet is able to bring forth in that time. Calling on the very same energies that has always made the more fantastical reaches of metal something to be admired since the discovery of such reaches, it is every given moment of “Y Gododdin” that is positively overflowing with an epic scope and sense of scale that comes across magnificently in the riffs, the solos, and the very melodies to make this release not just some half-hearted creation of a group that wants to recite some legends or tales. Rather, The Wolves of Avalon make it deadly clear right from the beginning that this is not some weak release that’s meant to be thrown to the side or dismissed in a sea of other acts that aren’t able to bring much to the table. In every sense right down to the most minute details, this effort is far more than I think most would come to expect out of The Wolves of Avalon with the future all but bright for this act.

As promising as it is potent in its rhythms and tenacious energies, the very spirit of this creation is something that many in the world of folk metal seek to achieve but few are able to accomplish in any significant form with the last instance of a rising name like this something I haven’t seen since the first full-length album from Isenmor. There’s more than a little to find excitement within the depths of “Y Gododdin”, and it feels all but guaranteed that The Wolves of Avalon have a lot more to deliver after the display that’s been put on with these five exceptional tracks.

LISTEN to a track from “Y Gododdin” on Bandcamp here.

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