Dead Meadow – Force Form Free

For decades now, it’s been clear that there is simply no clear nor cut and dry form when we talk about psychedelic rock. While it always seems as though there is no possible way for the style to be expanded upon even more, whether by a newer name or one that’s been around for some time, there is no way to properly contain all that this style is truly capable of putting forth. Every era of the sound still has an audience to keep its spirit alive, even if it can seem to many that such glory we will never hear again in any meaningful capacity. One could say the same when it comes to the wildly tripped-out and experimental realms of the style, but those who know where to find it see that it’s still alive and well. As if to hammer in that fact, Dead Meadow’s newest creation is the exact sort of record that one could ever need to convince someone of that fact.

And here, I was convinced that nothing could come toe-to-toe in terms of psychedelics or raw hypnotism on a scale the likes of which we saw from The Re-Stoned earlier this year, but it’s in every measure and every possible way with their sound that cannot be considered anything short of wildly influential. Having been a name to know since their inception in the late 90s, it would be no stretch of the imagination to claim that Dead Meadows has become a real pillar for all that the style can become and so much more. Looking upon all that they brought forth with its eighth full-length album, “Force Form Free”. Only on the rarest of occasions do I find myself lost in undefined bliss like what we have here. There isn’t anything constant, predictable, or commercial about what Dead Meadow brings to the table here as this is true to the very concept of the highest levels of psychedelia as not only do the six tracks on display here grab your hand to take you through one dazzling dimension after another without so much as taking a breath before the plunge, but they become damn near tear-inducing as the beauty unbound in this record is something that we very rarely have the privilege to witness. The absolute entirety of “Force Form Free” is the exact kind of wonder that many of us are constantly searching for with how dense, rich, and awe-inspiring it is from that very first note such that we’ve no choice but to utterly ooze over every minute detail. Dead Meadows has never been an act to underestimate or miss in any world related to psychedelics, yet it’s with this creation in particular that one is compelled to consider this among the band’s very best.

Without question, this is one of those creations that simply demands you to lose yourself in its depths. There is so much to uncover and fall in love with for everything that this album brings to the table without so much as a shred of repetition between any of the tracks with the very talent and tenacity of Dead Meadow a key part of what brings the whole album to life in nothing short of wildly exquisite fashion. The very existence of anything close to “Force Form Free” would be enough to capture the imagination and hearts of many with it all but fitting that a band like Dead Meadow would be the one to deliver such undeniable glory on a scale such as this.

“Force Form Free” releases on December 9th via Blues Funeral Recordings!

LISTEN¬†to an advanced track from “Force Form Free” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

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