Leo Romero – Epigenesis

In the vast expanse of the underground and the limitless imagination that is to be found throughout it depths between the hundreds of thousands of minds that call the realm home, it’s a wonder to me that instrumental metal is not more common than what we’re currently faced with. The possibilities are damn near endless when you’re considering what all can be accomplished with the simple removal of a guiding voice overtop the instruments, yet few are willing to go into such territory for reasons that I simply do not understand given what all has been achieved in such a realm. That doesn’t stop plenty from still venturing forth, however, with people like Leo Romero continuing to show us why the instrumental realm is and likely always will be such a treat to lose yourself in.

Whenever I think of a new entry when it comes to anything instrumental, my mind immediately goes towards the various worlds of psychedelia. While that often lands me firmly in the world of rock, acts like Clouds Taste Satanic and Black Sky Giant are what pull me into the proper realms of heaviness with their music not even close to just the beginnings of what heavy instrumental music is capable of with there being particular corners of the progressive reaches occasionally offering some instrumental material of interest. In every way, Leo Romero’s newest work is certainly one of interest with instrumental progressive metal. Out of the gate, it’s clear that the seven tracks of “Epigensis” is not keen in taking the backseat when it comes to the listener’s imagination as you’re left to wonder what will come next or not be thrown into the mix, but, rather, Romero takes full  control in the absolute entirety of this creation. Nothing is left to chance as Romero leads you down all sorts of corridors of dazzling colors and wondrous sights while never once letting you see all that he’s capable of as “Epigenesis” lives up to its own name as the very beginning of what we’re to come to expect from this man as we move forward with there still being more than enough room for improvement, but it’s in every way that this performance stands to the test of an engaging performance that is not to be underestimated.

To witness the beginnings of any act, small or large, is always a fun toss of a coin since we truly do not know what we’re in for next, and that couldn’t be anymore alluring depending on who you are with names like Romero certainly being amongst those that catch one’s interest. “Epigenesis” sets the table for the man to go in literally any possible direction that he desires, and with all that has been brought to the table with these seven tracks then I wouldn’t be surprised if an eventual follow-up would have us wondering what else these hands are capable of.

LISTEN to “Epigenesis” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Leo Romero on Facebook here.


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