Structure – s/t

When a landmark band loses a member, it’s always a time for transitioning and some form of loss since both the bands and listeners have lost a key part of what made that band so fascinating for that period where they made music with that band. For two albums, Officum Triste boasted to have Bram Bijlhout on guitars before his departure in 2014 (according to Encyclopaedia Metallum) which saw the man inactive in the world of metal (from what I can tell) until just recently. While I would’ve expected him to reappear in a differnet vein for the sake of variety or change, it was with a new name in the world of death-doom metal that Bijlhout has come back to us to channel his own rendition of the style that’s as potent as we could expect from someone with his résumé with the friends in tow to really make magic happen.

It wouldn’t be any stretch of the imagination to assume that this new entity, Structure, would follow in the same steps that its founding member left the scene is simply because it’s more comfortable to start in familiar territory and then figure the rest out as you go along. While I think it would be a tad insulting to insinuate that Structure is but a cheap copy, it’s clear right from the beginning that this debut eponymous EP starts off in very much the same realm with a similar sound, yet the key difference is that the name makes its own performance rather than a pathetic copy-and-paste. The very bones of Structure are pulled right from the original graveyard that the beast of death-doom that we’ve all come to know and worship rose from in the first place with all five tracks at play here checking off every single one of the right boxes neccessary to bring a record in this particular vein to life in exquisite fashion. The EP knows precisely how to take its time the set the mood, find the exact moment of when to strike for maximum impact, and deliver a blow that’s no less than devastating, and that’s not even taking into account the atmosphere, the melancholy, and the downright infectious melody that finds itself seeped into every moment of Structure’s performance such that, when it’s all brought together, it’s evident this is the result of a seasoned musician who is back in his element ready to show us just how it’s done. In no small way, Structure has more than achieved that feat.

If this were a normal entrance for a new band with musicians likely unknown to us, there would still be no denying the excellence that has been brought forward here, but the simple fact that this is the return of someone who has helped cultivate the vision of death-doom into what we know today makes this creation more interesting. I’ve no doubt that there is much more to be heard from Structure should we simply allow the name time to get the ball rolling, but it’s until then we get to bask in the wonder that is this debut effort and all that it accomplished in exemplary fashion.

LISTEN to “Structure” on Bandcamp here.

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