Cryptae – Capsule

Even as we find ourselves in a golden age of innovation in the world of everything heavy, the very fringes of death metal are still obscured realms the likes of which only the bravest of purveyors find themselves. Whenever a band properly takes the plunge and goes into the dense, all-consuming darkness of experimental death metal, there truly is no telling what kind of monster will surface to face the light in all of its blasphemy, yet it’s as time passes we find ourselves before evermore impressing acts that are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Very few, though, can earn being called downright demented. For years now, Cryptae has been at the forefront of crafting such madness.

Ever since the demo they released just five years ago, Cryptae has not been a name to underestimate in any possible form. One would normally expect a band like this to have taken years to morph into, but Cryptae set the standard and the expectations at their very inception with the clear goal of the band to consume the very light of the universe and ensure that the pathetic shreds of sanity are snuffed out completely. At a staggering rate with a potency that only becomes more voracious as time goes on, “demented” is but the tip of the iceberg when dealing with abominations like Cryptae with “Capsule” being the latest assault upon creation to come from the act. Arguably their deadliest and most psychedelic of their soul-rending offensives, even just saying that brings a specifically terrifying chill to the blood given what this band has already accomplished. Not a shred of time is wasted throughout the utter entirety of “Capsule” with Cryptae quick to reassert their dominance as the rising mad kings of the current state of experimental death metal with every facet of this performance from the riffs to the atmosphere to the very production of the record a stroke of pure undeath the likes of which only the foolish would ever dare to seek out on their own accord, and yet to witness Cryptae at work is to behold something simply not of this world.

To dive into Cryptae, no matter what release we’re talking about, is to find yourself in the very throes of live darkness of a breed that we rarely get to see, and it’s again with Cryptae that we’re left with an offering that doesn’t just succeed where innumerable others have fallen short, but we’re given a creation on a level that I doubt we’re lucky to see twice or even once other time in any given year. I’ve long been convinced that Cryptae is an act wholly of their own kind with extremely few able to come toe-to-toe with their cosmically carnivorous sound, and “Capsule” only deepens that belief.

“Capsule” releases on November 18th via Sentient Ruin Laboratories!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Capsule” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Cryptae on Facebook here.

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