Elder – Innate Passage

There are just some bands that you simply can’t keep down for long. When we take into consideration the very state that the blossoming realm of heavy psych finds itself it and what all it has to offer, it shouldn’t be more than a few fleeting seconds before the name of Elder comes upon the lips. The very influence that they’ve had upon the modern form of the scene cannot be understated, and it’s even after helping to cultivate the sound into what it is today, it’s clear that Elder still seeks to test and challenge itself. While some may have considered creations like “Lore” or “Reflections of a Floating World” close to the quintessential creations from Elder, the most progressive passages from recent efforts like “Omens” and “The Gold & Silver Sessions” proved that Elder still has so many more secrets to divulge. Two years after tapping into their progressive tendencies on “Omens”, it’s with their sixth full-length album that Elder heads further down that path to deliver to us an album of such quality, skill, and majesty that one sits and wonders how anything else could have been possible for this band.

Albums like this are few and far between, but not for Elder. With every successive album on a basis that is amazingly consistent not only are we able to witness Elder get better in virtually every aspect of their sound, but they’re also always more than happy to try and discover at least one new facet that adds another layer to their already fantastically dense sound that few can be likened to. The dive into progressive territories felt just as sudden as it did natural for a band like this as Elder didn’t abandon their heavy psych core, but sought to bring something different to the table for themselves and their listeners with the results expectedly wondrous. On “Innate Passage”, such glory has only been furthered and heightened. This is the kind of creation such that there is only one single complaint that can be made about the effort: it only has five tracks. “Innate Passage” is an album of the sort that you want it to go on forever with all the bliss and wonder that’s brought forth here all but intoxicating by all accounts, but the five tracks are still more than enough to leave your jaw on the floor and your heart aflutter as the nearly 54-minute runtime leaves you absolutely enchanting by Elder’s ever-compelling magic. From its gripping riffs to spell-binding passages of psychedelia that are all mixed together gloriously with a godly-tempered sense of progressiveness that further adds to the otherworldliness of the experience as a whole, I would dare challenge anyone to look deep into all that has been brought forth for “Innate Passage” and not be moved to your very core.

Yet again, Elder has not just crafted a creation worthy of being deemed among the year’s very best but one that deepens and extends the majesty that their discography holds from their humble beginnings to the mastery before us today. The very arrival of “Innate Passage” is much more than Elder closing the books on another chapter of their now-legendary run, but a transcendent piece filled with meaning and passion of such a level that we are compelled to stop in our tracks and listen to what these masters have to say for this sermon of the highest wonders.

“Innate Passage” releases on November 25th!

LISTEN to the single “Endless Return” from “Innate Passage” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Elder on Facebook here.

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