Daeva – Through Sheer Will and Black Magic…

Virtually since the very dawn of the genre, speed has played a vital role in much of what has been brought forth into the world of black metal. Other avenues have been carved out and much success has been found along them, sure, but there is nothing quite like some venomous and fiery black metal that is fast enough to peel the skin off your very bones and set your blood to an instant boil. It’s such a simple concept at this point that the prowess of bringing together thrash and black metal should be everywhere at this point. However, it’s even here that we get plenty of worthwhile and exciting efforts yet the truly undeniable creations are still few and far between. With their very first full-length album, Daeva instantly establishes itself as an act that is assured of that higher breed without a shred of doubt or compromisation.

Without even stepping a single foot into the sprawling hellscape that is “Through Sheer Will and Black Magic…”, the very cover art of the album alone sets the tone and mood for what any virgin ears would expect before diving in: imaginative Hells galore with all the color, power, and writhing, coiling flames that one could ask for out of such a creation that does much more than simply go for the throat. Rather, Daeva is after your very soul. Not a single moment is wasted in any of the nine tracks that are summoned forth here with the utter entirety of the 36-minute runtime never once failing to take an opportunity to reap the pathetic souls that are found before the very might of this record with the majesty of its diabolic nature only getting better as the album progresses. Overflowing with massive riffage and the tenacity to summon forth any demon that one may desire to rain terror upon the living, the very whole of “Through Sheer Will and Black Magic…” is nothing short of what many would consider peak performance out of this style with Daeva instantly showing themselves to be an entity that is not the be underestimated by any means. No matter what song you choose from this collection, you can be sure that you will be met with nothing short of a caustic, unholy experience the likes of which legions of other bands can only ever hope to barely tap into whereas it’s here that Daeva pours it into every given ounce of their being to brew a concoction that isn’t just a quicky rendition of some icy riffs – no! – this is what the very endings of the world will sound like with all that madness, chaos, and horror that one could ever fathom.

There is the darkest of flames to be found at the very core of this release with incredibly few bands being able to properly wield it even with the surge that old school black metal has found itself experiencing in recent years, but it has to be here with all that Daeva conjures forth here that we see it in what has to be its most compelling form yet without question. Every shred of “Through Sheer Will and Black Magic…” is ripped straight out of the very books of the old school with Daeva’s ingenuity and prowess further excelling the mind-boggling levels of insanity that are at play here to not just make the record a damn good one, but something that simply must be experienced.

LISTEN to “Through Sheer Will and Black Magic…” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Daeva on Facebook here.

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