Veilburner – VLBRNR

To take into consideration some of the weirder bands that are to be found in the vast wealth of the underground of the metal ecosystem is to take on more and more intrigue as the years roll on. Before where one would really have to get their hands dirty and truly discover the crazier acts that can really be considered mind-bending in any form. Now, all one has to do is put in a little leg work and look in the right places. Case and point, Veilburner whose crusade upon the very light and sanity of our world has made them a need-to-know act in their increasingly abnormal corner of black/death metal where even still, after all they’ve done, they continue to raise the bar with each release. Yet again, this time is no different.

Out the gate, given Veilburner’s reputation up to this point, one should already walk into this record with the preconceived notion that this is not a normal experience by any stretch of the imagination even as far as this band’s discography goes. There has yet to be any sort of territory that Veilburner isn’t willing to venture into in order to provide us with fresh, uncompromising experiences the likes of which we would be extremely hard-pressed to find anywhere else in the entirety of the underground with each successive album providing something that the previous did not. “VLBRNR” proves to be far from different. It would be foolish to try and hold any two releases from this band side-by-side for comparison with each having an identity all its own with the ten tracks on display here the exact sort of mind-altering madness that one could ask for from such an act. No stone is left unturned, no survivors left in the wake, nor is any chance not taken to make “VLBRNR” the absolute powerhouse of insanity that it is right from its very first note making it not only another tremendous submission from Veilburner to make for one of the most striking performances of the year, but a creation that cannot be taken lightly in any form.

Words can only barely begin to truly penetrate the monolithic presence that makes its home within the confines of “VLBRNR” with it quickly becoming the sort of madness that allows the album to transform into both one of the pivotal moments of Veilburner’s discography and this year’s releases when it comes to the wild and aggressive albums of the deep underground. This is not a journey for the uninitiated, and those who are already familiar with this madness may find it hard to accept for all that it is. But, for those of us who can weather it, be prepared for a journey like few others can deliver.

“VLBRNR” releases on December 2nd via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “VLBRNR” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Veilburner on Facebook here.

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