Ggu:ll – Ex Est

The very crushing presence of metal is what many of us seek ultimate solace under as the many pains and troubles of the world seem to come ever closer upon our souls with this being one of the few forms of raw catharsis that many can turn to in order to receive true liberation the likes of which is seldom found elsewhere. Yet, material that can truly be considered all-consuming in virtually every aspect without any shred of its form compromised for any idea can only be found by those who put in the work to find it and have enough luck to look in the right places. I never know what I might find when I set out every night for a search, but it was on this particular evening that my stumbling upon Ggu:ll proved to be quite fruitful with their forthcoming effort the exact sort of vicious heaviness the kind that I and many others have been craving.

It always bothers me whenever I open a new email from whatever PR service, label, or whatever may find its way into my inbox that relies on the very names of other, successful acts for rough comparison to draw attention to whatever material is in question, and that’s because it’s rarely the case where the names are apt for comparison. In this scenario with Ggu:ll, the names of Bell Witch, Mizmor, and Funeral Mist were just some that were thrown around which leads to the mind thinking that the insanity that’s to be found within the seven tracks of “Ex Est” are some bastardized combination of such acts and their performance. While some may be able to stretch that into some form of the truth, “Ex Est” is anything but a mere jumbling of influences. Rather, it’s a beast all on its own that should only be seen as its own entity without needing support from outside names. Pick any given minute of this entire performance and I can promise you that it will be overflowing with unyielding power and rage that brings on naught but the purest and most chaotic form of catharsis that the soul could ever desire with the musical prowess of the creation a clear highlight of the effort, but it is certainly not what drives the effort to become the powerhouse that it is. “Ex Est” quickly establishes itself as a force that is not to be trifled with as not only is it something that shakes the very foundations of the scene at virtually every turn, but the undeniable embodiment of some of the darkest corners of that the scene has to offer as both of the core sounds from black and doom metal make for a viciously potent effort that is never once to be underestimated in any capacity with Ggu:ll proving themselves to be more than apt to bring forth such a voracious sound in quality that can’t be looked down on.

Those aforementioned acts surely played a role in setting forth what this band would come to throw down in their own effort, but it is “Ex Est” that demands to be viewed as its own entity without acception. Ggu:ll is far from the limelight of this corner of the dense and dark world of blackened doom metal yet it’s in every way that they’ve made such a thing part of their own identity with undeniable power as it’s here with their latest creation that they more than prove that truth.

“Ex Est” releases on October 21st via Consouling Sounds!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Ex Est” via YouTube here or below.

LIKE Ggu:ll on Facebook here.

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