Phobophilic – Enveloping Absurdity

In no small way, the releases of 2022 have been no less than bountiful for the underground, much like every year. From Herxheim to the return of Molder to the eldritch terror of Cosmic Putrefaction to the final assault from Triumvir Foul, we’ve been nothing short of spoiled when it comes to death metal that’s anything but peak quality and raw fury. As if to only further such madness on a level that goes well beyond the outer-most reaches of sanity, Phobophilic also comes back to us with their first full-length album, and I don’t think I have to be the one to sit here and tell you that it’s a work that is not to be underestimated nor ignored in any form whatsoever.

This is one of those creations that simply shouldn’t come as a shock to those of us who are lucky enough to already be familiar with the name Phobophilic. Despite only releasing material for a handful of years now, their arrival in the infinite expanse of the underground was not something that went unnoticed for what they delivered in both an EP and a split coming not even a year apart, and it was only a matter of time before they came to us with a full-length creation that would shake us to our very cores and leave the those not ready in the dust, pummeled. Without so much as a shred of failure, compromisation, or anything that could tarnish the very reputation of Phobophilic, the absolute entirety of “Enveloping Absurdity” is something that demands to be lauded. This is death metal of a sort that can only be found in the underground for how unrefined it is right from the very beginning with its raw nature only lending to its magnificence in every form as it not only delivers a presence of true power right from that first note but a creation that is the very definition of death metal in its purest form. The very spirit of “Enveloping Absurdity” is nothing to be questioned whatsoever for even so much as a second the riffs do all the talking whilst the voracious ferocity of Phobophilic is the driving force behind all that is brought forth for this creation to make it both a landmark moment for the band’s discography and a creation that is all but essential when it comes to death metal in 2022.

It’s always an immense pleasure to witness the rise of bands like this for you can see them in real-time get better with more and more people rightfully giving them the attention that they deserve, and I cannot express how true that rings here with me for Phobophilic. Everything that is “Enveloping Absurdity” is what many are constantly seeking in the vast underground that we can never truly predict making the reality of these eight tracks sweet majesty in brutality of a kind that is ever so elusive.

LISTEN to “Enveloping Absurdity” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Phobophilic on Facebook here.

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