Remina – Strata

With all the different paths the world of doom metal has taken over the years, it’s only natural that we get some relatively outlandish creations that manage to not only capture our imagination but provide us with new avenues into worlds that only a few would be able to bring to life in a form that many can lose themselves in. Particularly, with the gothic side of doom, there is plenty of potential to be had should the right hands simply put themselves to work in what it can offer. Given the opportunity of their debut album, it was clearly apparent to Remina that there was much excellence to be had in the style should they simply take it, and they most certainly did!

More often than not, whenever I find myself in any reach of metal that claims the style of gothic it ends up being a creation that can easily sound pretentious or downright hollow in the name of theatrics and nothing else. It is a damn shame that such a thing is regular in my experience for I know damn well that is not always the case, given the right circumstances. Upon just the first track from their debut album, “Strata”, Remina makes it clear that they were bent on not suffering such a fate with their brand of cosmic doom laden with more than a few gothic elements making for a delicious listen that’s as captivating as it is ethereal. “Strata” is definitely the sort of album that’s best to simply let yourself fall into for all that it offers from its heavy yet calculated presence that permeates every given facet of this performance from its riffage to eloquent vocals to the simple matter of Remina managing to bring gothic elements to a cosmic backdrop that works almost too well for any band, not even to mention on a debut. This is prime material for those who are always looking for more when it comes to quality in the more pulled back yet still viciously effective veins of doom for all that it promises out of the gate and thus delivers on by the end of the effort with Remina clearly a new player in the game with “Strata” the only proof one could need to have one eye firmly kept on this name as we move forward.

Without doubt, this has to be one of the most engaging and appropriate creations of anything gothic that I’ve heard in a long time with even the world of ethereal doom metal being done extreme justice here with all that Remina brings forth on its very first effort. Nothing is left to chance in these seven tracks as “Strata” is so much of what many of us are constantly clamoring for with the end result of this creation nothing short of bliss of a kind that we simply don’t have the privilege of experiencing on any sort of a regular basis.

“Strata” releases on November 11th via Avantgarde Music!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Strata” via YouTube here or below.

LIKE Remina on Facebook here.

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