Tiwanaku – Earth Base One

It’s the norm to wait years for any band to release new material or any at all, that much is simply expected in the world of music. Yet, when it takes decades for a performance to wholly come together, it truly does make people wonder what the end result would be of such a mammoth effort that it took so long to bring to life. Considering the debut album from Tiwanaku, the answer was simple despite its devastating effects: health complications. That didn’t stop the entity from pursuing a vision of progressive death metal that’s as flavorful as it is delectable right from the very beginning to make it a debut more than worth losing yourself in.

It’s hard for anyone to envision what any given work of progressive metal can look like given how malleable the style is by its natural design, and it’s with the inclusion of death metal in that mix that things can quickly become even greater in its crazier at the very beginning. The destination can be as enigmatic as it can be bombastic, and it’s in every way that Tiwanaku lives up to that high burden with the ten tracks of “Earth Base One” easily being of the most exquisite experiences that I’ve had from the realm of progressive death metal even if it isn’t the craziest or as viciously detailed as many works that have lately come out of the style. Across the absolute entirety of the 44-minute runtime, it’s with devilish talent and an undeniable sense of grandeur that’s been blessed by refinement over many years and the inclusion of a very inclusive collection of revered death metal masters that “Earth Base One” is made out to be a debut of titanic and cataclysmic proportions! This isn’t one of those records that claim to aspire to great heights only to fall flat on its face due to any number of unfortunate circumstances, but, rather, Tiwanaku makes it clear that no matter what obstacles met them in the path to bringing this effort to life in such a fashion that it can’t be seen as anything short of stupendous. Bring it all together with unstoppable rhythms and a complexity that always leaves the listener guessing as to what precisely will be coming next, “Earth Base One” is not a creation that should be slept on in any form.

While time can be a real curse for any piece of material where it can easily suffer from being obsessed over for far too long that ends up leading to a watered-down experience that tries to be more than it needs to be, Tiwanaku’s talent and tenacity did them nothing but favors for them as it’s with their debut album that they’ve achieved nothing short of undeniable victory. The end result of “Earth Base One” is a damn good spectacle by all accounts with the end leaving us hoping that Tiwanaku isn’t plagued with more health issues so that we can hear more from this magnificence sooner rather than later!

“Earth Base One” releases on November 4th via Avantgarde Music and Unorthodox Emanations!

LISTEN to the single, “Visitor From Titan”, via YouTube here or below.

LIKE Tiwanaku on Facebook here.

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