Formation Ritual – The Shifting Dust

Every now and then, we’re all lucky enough to come across an album that catches you from all angles and manages to hit on all the right notes. Whenever I sit down to find something to really sink my teeth into, it’s always a gamble and a search for that material with some albums hitting that spot far more than others, and it was right from the moment that I laid my eyes on the cover art for the debut album from Formation Ritual, I instantly had a gut feeling of success in my search. The album has an instant pull on me right out of the gate with it being hours after losing myself in the ten tracks that are on display here with all that it throws our way as the band’s very first creation, and it’s in every way that Formation Ritual should be fabulously pleased with the final form of “The Shifting Dust”.

There is always something to be said for a sound that cannot be considered anything less than delectable in its smoothness. Plenty of records find immense success in a rugged performance that leaves nothing to chance with there being more than enough to find in the supreme aggression between the notes, but whenever an act is able to deliver a smooth performance that’s as gripping as it is thrilling at virtually every turn. Without exception, Formation Ritual more than delivered on such a high level of burden on its very first album to make the undeniable entirety of “The Shifting Dust” a listen that I cannot help but demand that everyone listens to as soon as you can. Damn near everything about this record is untouchable. From its riffs to its complex layers that are always rewarding to its ripping solos to a powerfully and viciously potent mix of heavy metal, doom, and everything stoner to make for a wondrous breed of heavy psych that is the definition of jaw-dropping, to succumb to the gale-force winds of “The Shifting Dust” is to allow real talent to wholly wash over you in such fashion that can’t be seen as anything short of stupendous! The very rhythms of this creation are what many would consider god-tier in a style as mastered and cultured as this, but in no way does that take away any singular shred of supremity or otherworldliness that is on full display for this debut album that not only serves as the first step for Formation Ritual, but a wondrously bold statement that right from the get-go this isn’t a band underestimate in the slightest with every feasible aspect playing to the overwhelming success that is “The Shifting Dust”.

Albums like this are truly few and far between, but I can’t help but feel like this is just the beginning of what Formation Ritual is capable of despite the fact that this is literally the beginning of the band. All that was delivered for “The Shifting Dust” is what many of us are constantly salivating for at any given time, and I can only hope that it won’t be long before we hear from this clearly talented band again.

LISTEN to “The Shifting Dust” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Formation Ritual on Facebook here.

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