Sun Voyager – s/t

In every possible way, the garage has always been one of the most underrated and underappreciated venues despite being one of the most important and pivotal settings for anything related to rock and metal. It’s where legions of bands have had their humble beginning where their first riffs were fumbled through and inspiration turned into personal art. Many grow beyond the sound they found in that small building, but others found it to be integral to who they are and their sound. Bands like Sun Voyager still bring naught but immense glory to that particular way of crafting enormous riff-powered rock that’s all but drenched in delicious psychedelia, and it’s with their self-titled release that this band puts forth a master-class example.

It’s hard to make any sort of wild impression in this already incredibly fleshed-out style with how stiff the competition is around every given corner and, thus, make it easy in any sort of way to stand out without doing something drastic if you haven’t already been around for years at this point. But, when it comes to bands like Sun Voyager it really does seem as though there is one thing above all else that makes an entry like this an entity that rises above so much of the rabble: raw, unfettered, and intoxicating talent. Relentlessly fueled by passion and a tremendous understanding of the craft that they put to work in magnificent fashion, there isn’t a single shred, note, or iota of what’s been brought forth in these seven tracks that I would ever dare change for this is the kind of garage psych rock that many people live for, constantly strive to discover, yet rarely find in the capacity like what’s been brought forth here. It’s far from a deeply complex listen that isn’t much more than three guys jamming out together that are able to follow their passions without a shred of compromisation or anything that one would dare perceive as lacking with how captivating this album is right from the beginning with the very whole of the record something that is to utterly marvel at. This is the sort of down-to-earth breed of psychedelics that many never know they’re looking for as the psychedelic world continues to expand at an alarming rate with the spread of talent becoming all the more mystifying and wondrous, yet it’s bands like Sun Voyager that always manage to hit all the right notes when the star align with this new effort absolutely something that demands you to lose yourself in.

The very use of psychedelics has been the perfect vessel to transport listeners to a completely different realm of ethereal existence for decades now, but there’s always something to be said when it’s pulled back in a tempered form that allows for something enticing in a teasing manner whilst still allowing for many of its compatriots like riffage and unfiltered, unbridled fun to take place when the right pieces are put into place. In the case of Sun Voyager, I don’t think we could’ve come across something any more delicious in the simplicity that it puts on the table.

“Sun Voyager” releases on October 7th via Ripple Music!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Sun Voyager” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Sun Voyager on Facebook here.

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