Electric Moon / Kungens Män / ElonMusk / Kanaan – International Space Station (Vol. 1)

At some point when it comes to splits, it can get pretty crowded pretty quickly. Two bands are typically the go-to in order to make for an effective split that has more than enough to offer in ways of substance without overloading the listener with too many different bands striving for their own ground or, simply, too much going on within one piece that it all kind of becomes muddled. With a clear vision with real intent in hand, however, you can have numerous bands come together for a singular performance that cannot be likened to anything else. Featuring four massive, hypnotic, and expansive tracks of peak instrumental psychedelic rock, the very existence of this split, in particular, is one of the best to showcase such power in my experience since “Converge, Rivers of Hell”.

Immediately, you cannot go wrong with any of these bands. We could sit here and have entire discussions about what each band brings to the table in their own styles with their own variations that make them names that command respect in the vast realm of instrumental psych rock, and to see them brought together for an effort like the first issue of “International Space Station” is an absolutely gorgeous sight to behold. In almost 90 gripping minutes of instrumental prowess that is nigh on untouchable, all four of these acts bring their own flavors into one magnificent pot to provide us with their own vision of the ISS dashing across their own skies with their immaculate talent the only voice they could use for such a spectacle, and not a single one of them bungled in their objectives to do such wonder justice. Yet, I find it wrong to try and compare each of these sprawling tracks on their own without looking at the whole of this piece as one, cohesive effort as though each band took their turn to provide us their vision as the station glides above them one by one. The very whole of this cosmic love letter is one that demands to be fallen back into as each band uses every given second of their time to paint a supreme picture of vivid colors, child-like wonder, and the eons-long yearning to be one with the stars that flood our eyes with each band here truly making one feel like those gases and those miracles are but a touch away.

Works like this truly do feel like one in a million. It’s one thing to tap into the human’s sense of wonder and adventure in order to mentally transport them to amongst the stars where it feels as though anything is possible, but to craft a work like this is to achieve something that everyone involved should be immensely proud of. No matter what band it is you’re talking about here be it Electric Moon, Kungens Män, ElonMusk, or Kanaan, there is no denying the simple truth at hand: they’ve all created a true masterwork of the style.

LISTEN to “International Space Station (Vol. 1)” on Bandcamp here.

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