The Necromancers – Where the Void Rose

With the rising of many heavy rock acts in recent years, it can be all but effortless to lose many of those highlights as we find ourselves drowning amongst the others even if it is an exceptional experience that many of us wouldn’t trade for anything else. To witness such talent around virtually every corner is a glorious sight to behold from all angles, and it really does just seem with the passage of time that these already talented acts are getting better and better. As one of those very names, The Necromancers has not been one to miss since their smallest beginning. Already a tour de force of blending together much of what makes this corner of heavy rock so delectable in every aspect, time has been all but bountiful to the French quartet. That being said, with a change in vocals and the crafting of this third opus, this act finds itself on the precipice of what should be called their most grandiose and exalted work to date.

Right from the beginning, whenever my brain thinks of The Necromancers I’m all but compelled to think of a wildly dynamic sound that blends together delectable heaviness, tantalizing riffage, tempered psychedelia, undeniable intoxication, and power that is nigh on captivating right from the moment the band is put into motion. That’s a terrifying combination that many bands try to bring together to varying degrees of success all across the board, but it is The Necromancers who’ve proven themselves to be a band that is more than capable of tackling such a concept with wondrous efficiency and potency, but it is hands down with all that they brought forth with “Where the Void Rose” that we’re able to see this act take all of that to the next level somehow. These six tracks are what it means for The Necromancers to really knock everything out of the park as the energy is always at a captivating high with so much of the record never once backing down from the challenge whether it comes in the form of unbridled, frenetic energy or sublime bass-driven moments of calm before the tide turns as we continue to bear witness to the many sides that this band boasts on a whim. Every given inch of all that was brought forth in the 37-minute runtime of “Where the Void Rose” is the epitome of what it means to make for an intense, invigorating, and enthralling performance from every angle that holds nothing back should it come in the form of power, melody, or story-telling as The Necromancers has truly crafted a wondrous performance here that simply must be considered as one of the year’s best for all that it accomplishes.

There are no two ways about it – this album absolutely slays! What we have been given here needs to be considered right alongside the likes of King Buffalo, Josiah, and Naxatras as one of the very best records of its kind that this year will see for all that it brings to the table in fashion that is no less than wondrously exquisite right from the very beginning, allowing this album to be all but career-defining for The Necromancers. “Where the Void Rose” is a masterwork in just about every regard, and it’s sure to stand as the band’s most accomplished works for years to come unless they, somehow, top this marvel with another work that somehow takes things further beyond.

“Where the Void Rose” releases on September 16th!

LISTEN to the advanced track, “The Needle”, on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

LIKE The Necromancers on Facebook here.

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