Echelon – Open Wide the Adamantine Gates

The sheer size of the underground will inevitably lead to the existence of cult bands that have always been more than deserving of widespread attention to rise above much of the rabble that they find themselves swarmed by, but that simply doesn’t happen for one reason or another and I find that utterly criminal in some cases. Much like the related acts of Paganizer, Eye of Purgatory, Revolting, or literally any of your choosing, Echelon is a name that should be far more known than what it currently is. The sheer amount of legendary talent behind this name has been the sort that could move mountains on a whim, and it’s been a long six-year silence from the band given the always busy that its members find themselves drowning in even as they continue to sculpt the very scene to their wills. Finally, though, we’re able to bear witness to the third opus of darkness from Echelon, and it’s damn near everything we could’ve asked for.

We could sit here all day and talk about what a wondrous combination it is when we look at the line-up for Echelon, but that would detract from the simple reality that we find ourselves confronted with in the form of Echelon even as these guys find themselves constantly making headlines whether it be under one of the aforementioned names or the legions of others that they take part in. Undeniably, though, it’s my strong opinion that this is one of their most criminally underrated acts. Echelon has never been one to make death metal that is anything more than what it needs to be with its simple and straightforward approach always providing for an immense listen that feels like a true representation of all that the sound has ever been capable of in its past and present forms with all that’s brought forth in “Open Wide the Adamantine Gates” arguably the epitome of what this quartet has crafted thus far. To see these guys move as one cohesive unit is a true sight to behold for any fan of death metal should find themselves utterly captured by all that is achieved in these ten tracks as they all feel more than worth the wait given all that is done within them whether it come in the form of cataclysmic riffage, voracious vocals that have never once let us down, or a presence that summons forth the very flames of hell in such fashion that should not be seen as anything short of exquisite right from the beginning. There are plenty of albums out there that manage to capture the very spirit and ideals of death metal in a way that leaves us on our knees, but it’s from the likes of Echelon that we’ve always managed to see something that seeks to be the very image of what the genre can always bring to the table with the very whole of “Open Wide the Adamantine Gates” an unparalleled vision of what it means to achieve such a goal.

Nobody behind this band is any stranger whatsoever to creating vicious death metal the likes of which grab your attention right from the get-go, yet it’s still even after this time that they’re able to deliver a performance as striking as this with Echelon all but the perfect vessel for such destruction. They’ve torn open the lock and let the demons spill forth in immense chaos to make “Open Wide the Adamantine Gates” a dark listen that we won’t be forgetting anytime soon with all of its power the epitome of apocalyptic and its musicianship untouchable.

LISTEN to “Open Wide the Adamantine Gates” on Bandcamp here.

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