Trial – Feed the Fire

The very glory of straightforward heavy metal is not something that time can simply wither away. It’s the sort of music that once it was released upon the world was never going to leave, and it’s since its birth that we can thankfully look at it and feel as though the original spirit and ideals are still very strong with all the new material that is coming out within its realms nowadays. There is always room for names to progress forward as we find ourselves upon the cusp of many legends hanging up their instruments as the curse of time takes its toll, and Trial has long been a worthy name to take on the very spirit of heavy metal. They have yet to make any sort of a stumble when taking a look at their wondrous discography, and it’s with their fourth full-length offering that they have yet to do so.

After you’ve already proven yourselves to be a tour de force of modern heavy metal with virtually nothing being able to stand in your way, it’s only natural that the time comes where a change must come whether it be intentional or not. In the case of Trial, the very voice of the band has changed with a change of vocalists happening just two years after their last album four years ago, and it’s clear with all that is “Feed the Fire” that Trial was eager to set the record straight: even though the loss of a tremendous voice is a devastating blow, the arrival of new spirit is something that cannot be underestimated. For the very whole of these nine tracks, it’s clear to any who lose themselves in the clean rhythms and soaring solos that are nigh on gripping that this is the most ferocious that Trial has sounded despite their always undeniable energy with the sheer magnitude of power, talent, and mastery over the craft at all-time highs to make this not only a return of modern greats but a creation that delivers on all the best aspects of what has always made the very sound of heavy metal a fascinating treat to devour. I would be stunned if anyone would dare state that there were any doubts whatsoever as to the quality of Trial and what they were capable of, and it’s with virtually every given facet of “Feed the Fire” that I can’t help but feel as though we’ve just stepped into a new era for the band with it starting off on what has to undoubtedly be the best foot possible.

As a name that has become all but cemented in the consciousness of the modern fan of heavy metal, this album is a fascination the likes of which I haven’t seen since the last Portrait record with this certainly being able to go toe-to-toe with that excellence. Never once has Trial been a name to deny or ignore or doubt in any form whatsoever with the very spirit of “Feed the Fire” enough to change the course of this band’s future in the best way possible should they simply stay the course.

“Feed the Fire” releases on September 2nd via Metal Blade Records!

LISTEN to the single, “Sulphery”, on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

LIKE Trial on Facebook here.

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