Embarla Firgasto – Temporal Capsule

At some point, when you find yourself lost in the grand glorious chaos that is the underground of metal you lose all sense of direction, never to know where you’ll end up with whatever entity you encounter next anybody’s guess. For many, this disorientation is something that could prove to be maddening especially if you had a specific destination in mind when you first set out with it now always seeming to slip through your fingers. For some, though, the endless question in the darkness is something that we look forward to as the thrill of not knowing what we’re going to find next keeps our blood pumping with the prospect of glory always around the corner. When I stumbled into Embarla Firgasto in tonight’s wandering, I don’t think I could’ve been any more pleased with what I found.

The prospect of finding something that goes against the grain to accomplish a sound that is wholly its own while the band in question does nothing short but devastate at every turn is only of the many things that we pray to find within the depths of the underground, but it’s understandably uncommon to come across a name that actually manages to scratch that itch in a meaningful way. Without question, it’s with all that was summoned forth in order to bring “Temporal Capsule” to life that Embarla Firgasto rises above much of its competition to deliver a performance that is nothing short of earth-shattering. A combination of black and death metal that many would get behind instantly, it becomes clear very quickly that this act wasn’t satisfied with being just that. Any given track from this monstrous creation, including the atmospheric introductory piece, puts the listener in a whirlwind of avant-garde signals and sudden turns that always set a band apart from the common rabble that dominates much of the underground, but there is a certain potency and fascination to what Embarla Firgasto brings to the table with “Temporal Capsule” that is damn hard for me to really put my finger on as the sound of this effort can only be defined as schizophrenic for all the area that it covers without a single shred of shame for all that it dares to be. It’s a record that was made to transport the listener to somewhere else entirely where visages of self-destruction as humanity finds itself on the very cusp of inevitable self-imposed nihilisitc annihilation, and it’s in every given way that you definitely feel that throughout every waking minute that is the terror of “Temporal Capsule”.

The infinite darkness of the underground has always been blessed with bands from all over that manage to bring something special with their own offerings with many lost in that ocean of black, but there always manage to be a select few that rise above for one reason or another, and I can only sit here in hope that Embarla Firgasto will find itself doing just that for all that was achieved in these five tracks of utter devastation. The very greatness of “Temporal Capsule” is a psychological and metaphysical hellscape that only these circumstances could ever hope to produce with real passion and determination the driving force behind it all which Embarla Firgasto, clearly, does not seem to be lacking in the slightest.

LISTEN to “Temporal Capsule” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Embarla Firgasto on Facebook here.

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