Gone Cosmic – Send for a Warning, the Future’s Calling

As we find ourselves in the world of psychedelic rock where so many continuously push the envelope and raise the bar on an impressively consistent basis, it can become all but effortless to lose promising names in the mix as we find ourselves drowning in glory at an alarming rate. When Gone Cosmic had first come upon the scene three years ago, it was fortunate to find itself a welcome home in the current landscape that the scene finds itself in with many losing themselves in its rhythms. Still, it was clear that the same potential of the band had only been touched upon with more than enough future excellence evident to those who would just lay their eyes upon the act. With their second album, their time truly is now with everything that was brought forth in this creation nothing that can be denied for all that it accomplishes.

When dealing with a sound like this, it almost goes without saying that one would expect it all to be not of this world, trippy in its execution, and/or something that really transports the listener to a different plane of reality altogether. However, moderation and the simple act of pulling back can be more than enough for any piece of music to really take the next step to become a creation that feels much more flavorful, immersive, entertaining, or whatever adjective you could think of that applies. Holding back from offering otherworldly atmospheres and heavy riffage that grabs you by the throat, “Send for a Warning, the Future’s Calling” truly feels like a callback to what the very beginnings of psych rock were with Gone Cosmic feeling very much at home with these nine tracks the exact sort of intrigue that is all but fabulously compelling. Never once does Gone Cosmic lose themselves in trying to create something that even encroaches upon being seen as mind-bending or anything of the sort, but, rather, it’s through the act of rolling rhythms, a captivating vocal performance that drives the entire album forward, and a tremendous variety from one song to the next that always keeps the listener guessing as to what precisely is coming next that “Send for a Warning, the Future’s Calling” effortlessly becomes a performance that is nigh on fascinating to lose yourself in. A more rock and roll embodiment of the style rather than a full-on excursion to other worlds (despite how awesome such a thing is), this is the kind of record that the scene could always use more of since you never see Gone Cosmic lean too far into one of the many directions that go into the dense, flavorful pot that is all of psychedelic rock with the final cuisine that is this particular album something that simply cannot go untasted for how salivating and savory is it right from that first nibble.

We still find ourselves at the beginning of what Gone Cosmic is capable of, but if it was in virtually every way that they proved to be a noteworthy act with their debut effort, it has to be with all that was brought forth in this sophomore album that we’re really able to see the band come into their own. For all that went into “Send for a Warning, the Future’s Calling” it is clear to me that this is a slight break from what we’ve all come to expect from the sound nowadays with the very subtleties that went into this creation something that cannot be ignored in any capacity.

“Send for a Warning, the Future’s Calling” releases on September 2nd via Grand Hand Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Send for a Warning, the Future’s Calling” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Gone Cosmic on Facebook here.

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