De Profundis – The Corruption of Virtue

The progression of a band’s sound is something that is always fascinating to witness in retrospect, but I find it evermore thrilling to witness it in progress. Whether it be completely changing your style or slowly slipping to one side of the spectrum of heaviness, change is just as engaging as it is terrifying for those within and without of the process. When I first came upon De Profundis four years ago with what was their fifth full-length album, we were able to witness them wholly embrace their death metal tendencies after dipping their feet in surrounding styles that included both doom and black metal, all to terrific effect, but it was single-handedly with that record that De Profundis felt the most at home, in my opinion. It was only natural to expect another change from the band given their trend even if it was destined to be slight, and it’s with their sixth album that we see them go even further than they did before to really show us what depths they’re willing to go to.

The stigma in the world of heaviness today really feels as though many expect bands to get lighter in sound rather than heavier. Why that’s the case I will even attempt to pontificate on, but I can’t blame those who feels that way with bands like Opeth and arguably Amon Amarth prime examples of that, but there is always something to be said for those who head in the other direction. De Profundis clearly made a step that way four years ago, but it’s in every way with their newest creation, “The Corruption of Virtue”, that we see them dive headfirst into much more vicious, blood-drenched regions of death metal that see the band at their most homicidal to date. Along with such depravity, this also has to be the most compelling from the act yet. Pick any one of the nine ferocious pieces that are on full display here and you’ll find yourself before raw yet supremely concentrated and matured power the likes of which only the finest in the world of death metal are able to craft in such staggering quantity that it truly brings the blood to a boil damn near instantly! Overflowing with chugging riffs, blasphemy around every corner, and murderous intent that permeates every possible second of the record, “The Corruption of Virtue” has to be considered as one of the most impressive creations of death metal that the year has seen thus far whether it be in the underground or beyond; De Profundis has truly made themselves out to be undeniable masters of death metal. It’s infectious as the plague right from the very beginning, and it’s with the squelching boot stomp at the end of the record that you’ll find yourself scrambling to be thrown back into the flames for how long will it be before you’re brought before such magnificent, glorious death of this caliber yet again?

Without exception, De Profundis has been a rising name in the underground since day one with their name always inviting intrigue and wonder as to what they could possibly pull next. They’ve always been a name to keep a sharp eye on, but it single-handedly has to be with all that they brought to the table for “The Corruption of Virtue” that we’re able to see them at their deadliest yet with the very world ripe for their taking with bloodied swords and greaves caked in viscera. No one is safe in the wake of this unholy effort, and it’s in every way that the very name of De Profundis must be hailed and given respect out of the deepest fear lest they put you next in line for their bloodlust-fueled war upon all of creation.

“The Corruption of Virtue” releases on October 7th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “The Corruption of Virtue” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE De Profundis on Facebook here.

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