Sangre Negra – Bruma Primigenia

The very pits of the underground where the rawest and unrefined of acts constantly find themselves swirling around is not a place for any of us who need any sort of production value or polish to our metal, for it would be mere minutes before the insanity of such a world would swallow you whole without a second thought. It has got to be one of the most terrifying locales in all of metal, and it’s with good reason that I say that with very few bands actually seeking to make music for the masses, but, rather, they make music for themselves for one reason or another. You could go weeks in that darkness before finding an act that you actually agree with, and there’s something about such madness that many of us find endlessly alluring despite the hostility. Out of Chile, one such act managed to catch my eye tonight with a take on black metal that should surely scratch the itch of the more picky fans of the darkest reaches that the style has to offer.

Without having to even think about it, I think it’s quite obvious to say that black metal is already an intense sound even without any sort of innovation or variety given to its layers. A true cornerstone of what makes extreme metal precisely what it is, there is always a level deeper than what you might expect to be the most violent of what black metal has to offer, and you truly never know what band from whatever country in the world is going to surprise you next whether it be in a good way or not. When I stumbled upon Sangre Negra in that vast darkness, I found myself pleasantly intrigued by the utterly vicious and corrosive sound of the reissue of their first effort, “Bruma Primigenia”, with its four tracks nothing to scoff at when we take into consideration black metal that is anything but standardized for the masses or anything for the light of heart. Almost twenty minutes, this assault from what has to be some of the darkest depths of what the Chilean underground has to offer is one that is not meant to be enjoyable nor is it something that is meant to be entertaining for anyone other than those who perform it, and even then it can be argued that this was designed to be an unpleasant form of catharsis for the musicians. The very soul of “Bruma Primigenia” is what many would consider to be extremely close to the original bleak vision of black metal itself with the uncompromising and wholly unrefined nature of the creation something that, surely, plenty will find a grotesque sense of solace in for all that it brings forward without once being ashamed of what it is at its very core: a true assault upon the senses within and without.

It’s hard to look upon a work like this and try to find anything objectively positive about it given the fact that it was clearly made with the intention to be as unpleasant as possible as to keep true to those values of black metal that many covet, and it’s through accomplishing that vision that we’re met with a paradoxical listen that’s precisely what many are constantly looking for. There’s not a single shred of light to be found within the confines of “Bruma Primigenia”, and it’s only with the gift of time that Sangre Negra will surely propel their darkness forward in such a form that will bring naught but the darkest glory to the very depths of Chile’s growing underground.

LISTEN to “Bruma Primigenia” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Sangre Negra on Facebook here.

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