Dreadnought – The Endless

The very potential for variety and diversity in the vast realm of doom metal is something that I don’t think we will ever truly explore for all the different avenues and wonders that are to be seen, but it does only feel like it’s been recently that we’ve truly started to tap into what those wells are capable of producing. Even the more progressive reaches of the style have so much more to discover since it can really feel like many seem more comfortable deepening the understandings of many other veins of the scene, especially with it comes to how far we can take the very concept of heaviness, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few bold acts out there that manage to defy those odds and come forward with material that’s new and compelling. For nine years now, Dreadnought has been a name that has been doing nothing but wonders for the more ethereal and organic reaches of doom metal with their sound that takes the very idea of being progressive to then absolutely run with it, but it’s with all that they’ve brought forth for the upcoming fifth full-length album that sees them at their most captivating yet.

Every time I’ve ever thought of Dreadnought ever since I first heard them seven years ago with their sophomore album, “Briding Realms”, I’ve always associated this band with boundless color. The raw sense of enjoyment in the face of exploration and breaching upon untouched reaches of doom metal that many never thought they would experience has always permeated Dreadnought’s sound all become wrapped up gorgeously with fantastic passion, wanderlust, and deep emotions that effortlessly help set the band apart from much of the underground. With all of that and somehow just a little more, it’s with the newest journey that is “The Endless” that we’re able to witness Dreadnought craft what has to be their finest performance to date. Dreadnought has always been an act to bring together many different sounds and flavors from their many different influences that cross many corners of both the worlds of rock and metal with nothing short of true wonder the result of such a concoction, and it certifiably has to be the six tracks of “The Endless” that takes such a bold nature to new lengths as Dreadnought crafts six works of gorgeous atmosphere with a captivating tapestry that is utterly compelling right from the very beginning as the gripping vocals come in smoother than water with the organic style of Dreadnought taking each song to realms that can effortlessly shift from haunting to undeniably jaw-dropping in beauty. Together with the very themes of this creation that are all but wonderfully poignant once you dive into them, the very reality of “The Endless” takes on an energy and power the likes of which could move the very foundations of the world for all that they bring to the table in such exquisite fashion with it all being the very textbook definition of categorically spellbinding!

Every now and then, we’re absolutely spoiled by a release that is all but a mandatory listen for those who want to find themselves truly lost in an aural space the likes of which any one of us would be extremely hard-pressed to find elsewhere in the entire world of music. Dreadnought has never once been an act to miss in any form whether it be with their heaviness, their atmospheres, or the undeniable musicianship that has always made them a spectacle to behold, and I don’t know how many different ways there are to say it nor do I know when I’m going to stop saying it, but I can’t put it in any other way: “The Endless” is the magnum opus from Dreadnought even after years of devastating the competition at every turn, and it’s in every possible way that this album needs to be considered as one of the year’s most fascinating creations without exception.

“The Endless” releases on August 26th via Profound Lore Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “The Endless” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Dreadnought on Facebook here.

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