Eradicate – Demise Towards the Dasein

With how diverse and dense the very underground has become over the decades, you really have two options if you want to succeed and propel your name forth with the goal of reaching as many ears as possible: be different from much of the other rabble you find yourself surrounded by or be absolutely surgical with your craft. Some are daring enough to attempt both with that success rate understandably low, but either one of those options is still no less than challenging for any band be it a new name or veteran to the sound. Having only just become a name to the realm last year, Eradicate has the very entirety of the underground to do what they want as their first attempt since we truly do not know what to expect from the name, and what they’ve managed to bring forth for their first creation is far from anything to sneeze at.

I’ve always found debuts fascinating for the obvious reason that you simply don’t have a very good idea of what you’re in for other than a few snippets of information that you might get from a bio or knowing the musicians from another project, but it’s even then that those factors that don’t make for concrete expectations. When I first stepped into Eradicate and what they brought to the table for the four tracks of “Demise Towards the Dasein”, it was from solely the cover art that I had the distinct feeling that it was all but destined to be a classy approach to death metal that found itself comfortably wrapped in the classic vein of the sound. While that’s quite close to the reality of it, that’s simply one piece of the mastery that Eradicate has achieved here. It’s the death metal that forms the backbone and much of the assault that’s on display here, but it’s with a devilish and sharp inclusion of strong elements from the world of doom that really gives the whole of “Demise Towards the Dasein” loads of flavor and intrigue the likes of which I can’t see as anything short of gripping. This is a terrific example of what it means to keep your material short and sweet as there are but twelve minutes and thirty-seven seconds across these four tracks, and it’s in every single one of those moments that Eradicate maximizes their potential in every way by never once overstaying their welcome nor refusing to take the initiative to demolish at every given turn.

This may just be a debut EP in the eyes of many, but it’s clear to me that all that was delivered with “Demise Towards the Dasein” is nothing short of a horrific, promising start to a run through the underground that could very well become nothing short of magnificent with all that was laid forth here the very definition of compelling, devastating, and fascinatingly compelling right from the ominous start. The road is long for Eradicate no matter what direction they follow, but whatever path they take will surely be met with glory and blood the likes of which will make them an act in the underground that can’t be seen as anything less than cult-worthy.

LISTEN to “Demise Towards the Dasein” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Eradicate on Facebook here.

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