Conan – Evidence of Immortality

For all that the world of modern heaviness has brought forth in recent years, there are few things that can rival many of the acts that have risen from the underground to provide us with uncompromising power the likes of which were all but destined to become the very faces of what it means to propel the style forward. Of all of those names, Conan certifiably has to be one of the most recognizable after the undeniable conquest that they’ve performed upon the very world of doom as we know it. Ever since the band’s first EP twelve years ago, Conan’s rise has been no less than meteoric as their dominance and power grow each and every year. The very news of the band’s impending fifth full-length album is something that many would consider among the best news that the world of all things heavy has seen this year, and I don’t think there’s any of us that could deny the significance of it with the album itself all but expected from a band of this caliber.

Honestly, this is one of those bands that I really don’t have to even try to sell to you since the band’s reputation is such that it has permeated so much of the doom metal culture as we know it to the point now that I would be genuinely shocked if someone hadn’t at least heard the name after all this time. A true presence of intense heaviness that has never once budged in its original vision whether it comes in the form of a humble yet ferocious demo, a standout split that is still an essential listen in all regards, or signing to one of the world’s leading labels when it comes to worldwide heaviness, it was the mere arrival of “Evidence of Immortality” that proved enough to get the very denizens of the underground to scramble in excitement. Six tracks of true power the likes of which that is no less than expected from the likes of Conan and precisely what any of us could ask for, this album should be considered the very definition of all that is Conan. From its propensity for ultimate riffage alongside undeniable energy that has always set the band apart from much of the rabble, it’s every given moment of “Evidence of Immortality” that leaves the listener all but staggered before such magnificence and utterly enraptured by the high levels of intoxication that really ties the experience together in such glory that is should not be seen as anything short of irresistible. This is what it means to have ultimate mastery over your craft of immense heaviness and crazy power, and Conan has long been the perfect vessel for only the highest levels of competency in such a style as this.

Right from the very beginning, there’s no way to deny that “Evidence of Immortality” is precisely what many of us knew it would be, and it’s even well passed its ending that its massive cacophony still holds immense sway over our feeble minds. Conan has never once been a pushover act in any form whatsoever with no signs of slowing down nor mercy in sight with their fifth full-length surely anything but a weak entry in the arsenal that is the band’s vicious discography, and I think we all know that this is still but a taste of what this act is truly capable of.

“Evidence of Immortality” releases on August 19th via Napalm Records!

LISTEN to singles from “Evidence of Immortality” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Conan on Facebook here.

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