Hellfuck – Diabolic Slaughter

In my experience, there tends to be two very distinct avenues that the world of thrash metal takes more often than not: (1) the route that most of all are more familiar with that might be considered more “marketable”, purely for lack of a better term on my part, that focus on themes like alcohol, a no-fucks-given attitude, and just general anarchy in the streets, but the other route (2) is far darker, more extreme, and nothing that is to be taken lightly. Both have their own merits and more than enough to throw around in virtually every way, but it is the latter of those two that I don’t think gets enough credit compared to the other. To take an already vicious sound to such an extreme that cannot be considered anything less than flesh-melting is a grotesque art that many don’t dare attempt with fewer still accomplishing. However, it’s with their debut effort that Hellfuck makes a powerful and undeniable assault in that very ballpark.

Already with a name like that, I’m sure more than a few have tuned out with the curious and seasoned sticking around, and I commend those people for this is not thrash metal that is simply made for those with a cracked opened cold one in the hand of someone with a casual denim jacket. Rather, this is the sort of thrash that you really have to go out of your way to find for how unrelenting and dark it is right from the beginning, and Hellfuck certainly sets the tone for what they put forth with just their name alone while it’s the very entirety of this ten-track debut that the Polish quartet doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. From that first note that’s enough to crack the very earth open so that the fires of Hell pour forth like the ocean, “Diabolic Slaughter” makes good on that promise of a name with there not being one second throughout any given moment of its runtime that leaves the listener with enough time to grasp what torture they’ve gone through while it’s every subsequent flash of fury that we’re able to see Hellfuck constantly up the ante despite the raw fury that’s only just occurred milliseconds before. This is what it means to make thrash metal that is utterly evil without compromisation, watering down, or impurity. The very notions of “Diabolic Slaughter” bring to life the very spirit of what it means to make thrash of this ilk with there being no room for error or misstep from the band at hand in order to bring it to life in a meaningful fashion, and there’s no way to sit here and claim that Hellfuck has done anything less than absolutely deliver.

The darker side of thrash metal will always be something that doesn’t get as much attention as other regions of the style, almost quite literally by design, and it’s because of that it will never get the full credit that it deserves, but so long as bands like Hellfuck are able to come out of the woodwork and deliver creations like what we have here then we will never be without it and all that it manages to bring forth. The very essence of “Diabolic Slaughter” is something to be feared and hailed at the same time, and it will surely be a while before we hear another debut of this kind that’s as compelling as what we’ve been spoiled with here.

“Diabolic Slaughter” releases on September 9th via Godz ov War Productions!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Diabolic Slaughter” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Hellfuck on Facebook here.

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