Ephemeral – From Our Deepest Nightmares…

The very rise of a band’s talent is something that takes time, patience, and the proper level of attention in order to make sure you’ve cultivated something that can definitely be considered growth. The first album is always a blank slate where anything and everything goes since the band in question has nothing to prove and simply has to show us what they’re going for right out of the gate, but even then it’s not set in stone. When I first heard Ephemeral three years ago with its first album, it was clear to me that it was going to become a quality act given the proper treatment, and it’s with their new creation that it’s clear to me they definitely gave it the right kind of attention.

Already a force that wasn’t to be messed with, the return of Ephemeral was something that interested me significantly given what the band had already shown to be capable of given that first performance. Death metal with a massive injection of melody as well as never once being afraid to go against the grain of what the style would be typically known to go for, it’s all that they poured into the ten tracks of “From Our Deepest Nightmares…” that it should become fantastically clear that this band is not one to be ignored in any form. Right from the beginning, Ephemeral makes it clear that this is the sort of melodic death metal that takes the more colorful side that the sound has been seeing more of in recent years with a few managing to really propel the idea to great new heights. Fortunately, with all that they managed to deliver with this creation, it’s not hard to make the claim that this album definitely succeeds in much of the same way virtually without breaking a sweat. Littered with ripping solos, a tremendous array of vocals both clean and otherwise, and intoxicating songwriting that pulls the listener in right from the get-go that’s then all tied together wondrously by impeccable talent and a tremendous sense of musicianship that simply cannot be downplayed for all that it brings to the table, “From Our Deepest Nightmares…” is an achievement of such a high caliber that Ephemeral better be immensely proud of what they’ve crafted here.

While I had nothing but confidence that Ephemeral would manage to rise above with their sophomore effort in order to deliver a performance that is something we couldn’t help but lose ourselves in, I don’t think that there would’ve been much to prepare me for the true majesty that this band would bring forth when the time came. For all that was brought to the table for “From Our Deepest Nightmares…” the bar has been set for what this band is truly capable of with it being so high that it automatically makes this name one that commands respect in a scene with the competition is all but cutthroat and where the daring only reap the greatest rewards.

LISTEN to “From Our Deepest Nightmares…” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Ephemeral on Facebook here.

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