Space Druids – Paradox Paradigm

It will likely never cease to amaze me the very bounds of what all the world of psychedelic rock is capable of. It truly does feel as though anything is possible so long as you have the right people crafting with their instruments in order to provide us experiences that have not been taken thus far. It can be one thing to transport your listener into the deepest reaches of space in some unknown time period where their imagination can run absolutely wild, but there’s always something to be said about a more somewhat focused effort that manages to accomplish a lot more than one might initially expect. Bouncing back from their eclectic debut two years ago, Space Druids sought to deliver a cosmic performance with this new album that branches out in all directions to touch on all sorts of sensations, and it would be downright insulting to even insinuate the possibility of them failing.

The infinite reaches of space are full of virtually infinite possibilities which makes it the perfect backdrop for any psych rock act to tackle should they approach the idea with a mindset that can actually capitalize on such opportunity, not bungling it. With a sound that feels pulled right out of the 70s scene yet with a mindset and selection of flavors that cannot be considered anything other than tastefully modern for such a concept, it’s the nine tracks of “Paradox Paradigm” that takes the cosmic vein of the style to a length that feels nigh on irresistible to fall into as the very stars flash before your eyes with Space Druids all but the perfect vessel to deliver such an interstellar journey. The very riffs and atmospheres that are interwoven into every given minute of this album really make it feel as though Space Druids has been crafting this sort of wonder for decades already, making the simple truth of this being their sophomore album something of a stunning realization for those unaware. Even the soft-spoken, trippy interludes help bind “Paradox Paradigm” together even more as an otherworldly experience that is unlike anything one has experienced since possibly experiencing some of the more grandiose and colorful works of science fiction that are out there from Blade Runner to Cowboy Bebop. The very light of new, unmapped stars are the destination with all that’s brought forth for Space Druids’s sophomore album, but it’s even through the melodies and the psychedelia that one cannot help but realize the one singular truth about this album: it truly is about the journey is such fashion that cannot be considered anything less than monumental.

While there is never anything wrong with pulling back in terms of psychedelia even within a style such as this, works like what we have here are the very epitome of all that it’s capable of with Space Druids just one of the latest bands to really show us what wonders are still to be discovered so long as we’re willing to sit back and let the majesty unfold before our virgin eyes. The very colors and endlessness of space are but the first stop on the magnificent adventure that is “Paradox Paradigm”, and I can only hope to see you next to me on the ride through the heavens.

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3 thoughts on “Space Druids – Paradox Paradigm

    1. I wouldn’t. Spaceslug has a certain heaviness to it that definitely pulls from the world of doom metal whereas this feels much more steeped in the very roots of what psych rock has been since day one with little outside influence feeling like its made a significant impact.

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