Municipal Waste – Electrified Brain

As one of the biggest styles in all of metal as well as one that has remained virtually unchanged since its inception, thrash has always been a true beacon for speed freaks and those of us out there who are constantly seeking new sources of adrenaline be it new material from veteran acts or new names that come around and inject new and true life into the sound. With such consistency, though, it can be almost effortless for the sound to become tiresome after not long if the suitable bands aren’t able to come around with material that’s as impactful as it is energetic. Ever since its beginnings, Municipal Waste has been a powerhouse name to know in the world of thrash, and it’s with their latest creation of blistering madness that we still see them at an all-time high.

If the very name of this band doesn’t immediately bring to mind images of bubbling chaos and streets strewn with the corpses of long-broken beer bottles, then where have you been all of this time? Effortlessly, Municipal Waste has been one of those newer names in the world of thrash that have commanded respect and attention for years now with their streak of excellence one that most could only ever hope to achieve with the latest bout of craziness that is “Electrified Brain” one that is sure not to leave your skull anytime soon. Far from anything new to what this band has brought before but still immensely fresh with an understanding of their craft that is downright addicting and indulgent right from the very screech of defiance, these are fourteen tracks of punk-injected thrash that are sure to keep your brain rattled for a long time after ceasing. Between the riffs, the tear-down-walls attitude, and raw, unfettered desire for unmitigated destruction for society and its arbitrary rules that find their way in every single track, it’s the very essence of “Electrified Brain” that leaves one reeling from the undeniable power that Municipal Waste brings forth for what automatically makes itself out to be a contender for best thrash work of the year. It’s the sort of record that makes one wonder how the sound could be done in any other way or how such a band could ever fail. Luckily, when it comes to Municipal Waste we never have to worry about seeing them flounder or not constantly define what it means to be thrash with this work being far from the exception.

“Genre-defining” is a term that people love to throw around when it comes to albums like this, and even though what was brought forth in “Electrified Brain” could’ve very well have earned such a moniker decades ago nearer to the start of the sound, there’s no way to deny that what was brought to the table for this creation can be pinned as anything short of band-defining. Municipal Waste has proven itself time and time again as a force to be reckoned with for all that they manage to achieve, and it has got to be with all that was delivered here that one cannot help but become overwhelmed by the eviscerating mastery that has taken place here.

LISTEN to “Electrified Brain” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Municipal Waste on Facebook here.

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