Basalt Shrine – From Fiery Tongues

In a world of metal where it really does feel as though overwhelming power is what many consider to be the only path to victory, even a slight change of pace can open up a whole world of opportunities that were simply undreamt of beforehand. Particularly, it’s in the world of sludge where such a concept can be taken to immense lengths should a band through something different into the mix or simply pull back. It can truly transform a single song, not to mention an entire album, to become a wondrous, multi-dimensional creation that you can utterly lose yourself in. It was with their debut album that I had plenty of expectations for Basalt Shrine, but the five tracks on display here were certainly not what I saw coming.

The use of the well-placed dramatic effect is something that plenty of bands from all over the world of music try to use to their advantage, and it goes without saying that it all becomes executed to varying degrees of success. Used properly, though, it can be outright mind-shattering. When you first step foot into “From Fiery Tongues”, you’re instantly in this dank world of thick darkness that doesn’t budge for anything as the very whispers of Basalt Shrine already begin to take effect on your psyche even if you were to find yourself pushing back against the subtle offensive. And then, the second track hits, and the full force of what Basalt Shrine is capable of comes through like a semi-truck as there’s virtually no warning to such an increase in power, energy, and unyielding intent as it’s through vicious riffs and a presence that cannot be classified as anything other than magnificently oppressive. It’s the constant shifting from those two contrasting sounds that makes “From Fiery Tongues” such an intrinsic and fascinating listen as Basalt Shrine shows a clear understanding of what it means to be deliberate in unparalleled heaviness whilst still taking great care to show just how advantageous a slow burn can feel even amongst undeniable aggression with maximum power.

Brought together in nearly 41 minutes that seamlessly takes you from one end of sludge metal power to the other, what has been brought forth for this debut cannot be seen as anything less than extremely promising when we take into consideration the very future of Basalt Shrine. There are loads of bands out there that would work so hard to craft a record as multi-faceted as what we have here with very few being able to come close to this level of aptitude with the style at play here with the simple reality here being that Basalt Shrine already has a clear grasp on the sound they want to deliver and how to do immense justice for all of sludge metal. “From Fiery Tongues” is just the very beginning from this band, and I can only hope that it won’t be too long before we hear from this band with all that was laid forth in these five tracks the very definition of transformative.

LISTEN to “From Fiery Tongues” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Basalt Shrine on Facebook here.

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