Dolor – Let Rain Fall Eternal

The very concepts of despair, failure, and insurmountable pain are something that has permeated the heaviest forms of metal for decades now, and it’s something that will likely never go away since those themes are everywhere we go while the human mind continuously finds ways to experience such suffering without ever once searching for it. The struggle of abandonment and the resurgence from such darkness is something that is hard to wrap your mind around if you’ve never experienced it, and it’s challenging to come across an album that manages to embody such themes while still touching on those previous ideals to make for a compelling listen. In no small way, it’s with their newest creation that Dolor achieves that and even a little bit more.

It would be almost cliche for a band to approach such an emotionally heavy creation within the realm of death-doom since that has long been the go-to bastion of such music virtually since its inception. Still, there is always something to be said about shaking things up a little bit with a different sound no matter how slight the change may be. With a swirling concoction that manages to bring together elements from all over the spectrum including doom, sludge, progressive, and post-metal in varying amounts, it’s with “Let Rain Fall Eternal” that Dolor has managed to create an effort that is as true to its tortured soul as it is a deep work that is all but effortless to lose yourself in. A deeply emotional work that manages to really drive home a sensation of bitterness right unto the very end, it’s right from the very first note that the album leaves you in a torrential downpour left with naught but your haunting thoughts only to then drag you back into the album’s oppressive heaviness that puts you into a downward spiral that is all but fruitless to seek escape from as the crushing weight of despair, and the abandonment of truth, and the needlessness of hope truly seep their way into your very soul. All brought together wonderfully to really bring forth an effort that more than holds true to the very ideals of this kind of metal, it’s the very whole of “Let Rain Fall Eternal” that it’s hard to wretch yourself from as it’s the very power of Dolor that keeps you planted firmly in place with very little hope of escape.

An overwhelming work of this caliber is something that fans of real heaviness are never too far away from as it’s only a matter of time before another worthy effort is accomplished be it by an up-and-coming name or one that has been established for decades, and it’s with a very special blend of interesting styles that Dolor manages to make an effort that more than qualifies as such. The very story of “Let Rain Fall Eternal” is one that feels almost comically appropriate for an album of this kind, adding even further to the sense of mastery and fatefulness that this effort has right from its very beginning.

LISTEN to “Let Rain Fall Eternal” on Bandcamp here.

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