Candy – Heaven is Here

The very landscape of what can be considered hardcore, punk, or literally anything in between has become a true breeding ground for some of the most exceptional and unyielding bands to have come forth out of the underground over the years, and there really doesn’t seem to be any sign of that changing soon whatsoever. The sheer density of the sound, however, makes it quite intimidating for anyone even a little unfamiliar with the sound to really dig through and find something to latch onto even in the best of times. Recently, though, it’s been through news and rising Bandcamp charts that one name has managed to rise above the rest more than once: Candy. A name that definitely doesn’t inspire the thought of greatness, this band is not one to be taken lightly with their forthcoming effort a powerhouse of anxiety and unrelenting destruction.

Despite having only been around for a short time, it is already that Candy has provided a reputation for itself that is not to be looked down upon nor taken lightly. Just their first album from just a couple of years ago showed us what they’re capable of right out of the damn gate, but it has got to be with every single facet of what they brought to the table for the ten tracks of “Heaven is Here” that Candy firmly cements themselves as a vicious act that is not one to be missed if you consider yourself a fan of punk, hardcore, metal, or whatever it is you want to call these guys for it really doesn’t matter; they fucking kill! Compiled mostly of tracks that clock in less than three minutes in every instance other than the 10-minute claustrophic finale, the very title of the record is misleading for you may believe that you’ve entered Heaven but it is the fiery whips of Hell that are right behind, licking your very heels waiting for your inevitable fall. There isn’t a single minute of “Heaven is Here” that doesn’t feel absolutely made for your absolute destruction in some form or another. Whether it comes in the form of blown-out riffage accompanied by roars that begin to peel out of our very dimension or a jarring, headache-inducing deluge of madness that is a true onslaught upon all of the senses, there isn’t a shred of this creation that is left to chance.

Candy has truly pulled out all the stops to really show us what they’re able to bring forth so early on in their career, and it’s every given moment of this effort that I think they’ve already done a wondrous job at doing so in no less than ferocious fashion. With all that is brought forth with “Heaven is Here” is makes two things all but immensely clear: (1) Candy is not a band to be underestimated nor fucked with, and (2) this record is destined to become a hands-down standout effort in its sound that we’re to get all year with the competition needing to be truly out of this world in order to properly topple an effort like this.

“Heaven is Here” releases on June 24th via Relapse Records!

LISTEN to singles from “Heaven is Here” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Candy on Facebook here.

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