Messa – Close

The very depths of Bandcamp are something that none of us will truly be able to excavate fully. Even after years of scraping through its confines in order to find something interesting to listen to, there will always be bands and experiences that others would consider “essential” that others will simply miss for one reason or another. When Messa released “Feast for Water” four years ago to mass acclaim, I became caught in the infinite spiral of “I’ll check that out later” with it still virgin to my ears to this very day. Thus, it was with the release of their latest effort that I was determined to not make the same mistake. In every possible way, I’m extremely happy that I made such a decision.

This is absolutely one of those albums that gets better with time. It’s simply because of there being so damned much in the ten tracks that are on full display during this record that multiple listens become all but mandatory should you find yourself truly immersed and understanding with all that’s brought forth for what is already being called Messa’s crowning achievement to date with the material in question certainly living up to such appraisal. No single phrase or description could ever hope to pin down the many styles at play that bring together the “scarlet doom” that makes “Close” such a deep, ethereal, and powerful performance that truly resonates with the soul should the mind simply surrender itself to all that Messa ushers forth. Filled with so many different layers, scenes of intensity, harrowing works of false serenity, and godly works of instruments in such a fashion that cannot be considered anything less than utterly spell-binding, it should be hard for any of us to look at “Close” and not be compelled to say that this has got to be one of the year’s very best. It’s in every way a powerful performance of unyielding proportions that doesn’t hold back in any fashion whether it be to drive home a specific point, bring forth an atmosphere that is all but compelling, or simply illicit an experience that cannot be likened wholly to any other band in the entirety of the scene; Messa is a phenomenon of inexplicable sorts.

Should you find yourself lost in the rolling plains and grey skies or in the crushing midst of heart-wrenching passion, the very essence of Messa is nothing that is to be denied by any who find themselves before all that this band delivers in every given moment of this record, for the light of this effort is nothing that can be easily forgotten. I now know what the hype of Messa has been about after years of never finding the time to investigate the name, but it is now that I deliver a simple message for any who find themselves in the same position: end the foolishness now, “Close” more than lives up to any expectations that were set before it with Messa the perfect vessel to deliver such mastery.

LISTEN to “Close” on Bandcamp here.

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