Ornæmental Shine – Deima Panikon

As someone who has always been one to seek something different, twisted, or anything that goes against the grain in a genre that has always been about doing so in some form or another, there is something truly special about the very fringes of black metal. I don’t mean music that dances on what it means to be black metal as the music in question flirts with other styles if it doesn’t outright embrace them. I’m talking about the music that’s so steeped in the utter chaos and madness that it turns away even some of the most veteran listeners while those of us steeped in the insanity are able to experience a unique sense of enlightenment that feels almost like an abomination upon all of creation, and it’s glorious! To come upon a new band that archives such glory is to find a real treasure throughout the endless expanse of the underground, and it was upon discovering all that Ornæmental Shine brought forth for their debut album that I couldn’t help but feel I was presented with some grand in all regards.

There tend to be two different kinds of bands out there that fall in this crazy range of black metal where the very essence of light seems to avoid at all costs: (1) the out-of-nowhere newcomers that manage to blow our minds simply with the fact that they can accomplish something so grand on their first excursion in releasing this kind of music, and (2) the seasoned musicians who sought darker and more twisted territory than what they could ever hope to achieve in any of their other bands. In the case of Ornæmental Shine, they certainly fall into the latter. Featuring members of Uada and Black Hate, the credentials of each of these musicians have worked wonders for this band’s debut album, “Deima Panikon”, but it’s any given moment in this sprawling 3-track monster that leaves my jaw on the floor for it’s different than anything we’ve heard from these guys before and far more sinister at that. There is nothing simple whatsoever about this album as it seems to be the very goal of Ornæmental Shine to disorientate the listener right out of the gate with a blitz of otherworldly black metal that revels in some form of experimentation when it comes to the instruments while the lyrics encounter themes of true fear and terror born out of actually connecting with a long-sought deity in all of its magnificent power. It all makes for a jarring but vastly compelling listen that has something to offer the deeper into the album you find yourself as the very essence of “Deima Panikon” is nothing to scoff at or look down upon for, surely, it has the capacity to toss you to the side at a mere whim with the power and talent of Ornæmental Shine all but evident in the very first track alone. Ultimately, it’s a vicious experience the likes of which you won’t be leaving any time soon with how infectious and horrifying of a concept it can effortlessly be.

While I never had any doubts or reservations about the talent of each of these members in their own respective acts, I don’t think I would’ve dared to vision an outcome of this caliber in the event that they would come together to make something to truly lose ourselves in. Ornæmental Shine has to be a name to be respected and paid attention to in the future with all that brought forth in the madness of “Deima Panikon”, and it truly leaves me shuddering down to my bones to think of what else this band is able to summon.

“Deima Panikon” releases on June 17th via I, Voidhanger Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Deima Panikon” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Ornæmental Shine on Facebook here.

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