Stillborn – Cultura de la Muerte

The Polish underground hasn’t been anything to underestimate for decades now, but I truly cannot help but feel like it has gone criminally overlooked by many metalheads from across the globe simply because Poland isn’t the first place many think as a bastion of extreme metal. Much like India or Australia, the scene in Poland is a true menagerie that never ceases to keep on giving throngs upon throngs of quality releases time after time on a consistent basis even as much of the metal world doesn’t give the respective scenes as much credit as they deserve. Stillborn has been a true banner of what Polish death/black metal looks like since their first demo back in ’99 was released upon the world, and it’s clear with their latest that time has been immensely kind to them.

For any band to fester in the deep recesses of the underground is to hone their craft into something compelling, deadly, and something that absolutely demands to be heard by anyone who considers themselves a proper excavator of all that the underground has to offer. To become a true staple of your respective scene is to have put in the work across multiple albums, really shown your worth time after time, constantly exceeded expectations, and destroyed everyone in your path who would dare deny even the smallest shred of your power. Without a doubt, that’s precisely what Stillborn has accomplished up to this point with their forthcoming sixth full-length offensive, “Cultura de la Muerte”, almost certifiably their deadliest to date. The very essence of this album cannot be considered as anything less than the apex of destruction and downright cannibalistic in its intent as it’s for the entirety of these eight tracks that Stillborn managed to deliver the exact kind of performance that they’ve become known for. Yet, there’s something about what all has been brought forth within “Cultura de la Muerte” that sets it apart in the overall discography of this act. Their albums have never been a simple, easy listen but there is something special at play here making this record feel even more like a serrated, jagged knife wielded with blind fury and true bloodlust meant to decimate all in its path without exception. Quickly, “Cultura de la Muerte” takes on a life of its own as a creation that is undoubtedly one of Stillborn’s malicious mind, but it’s through becoming true veterans of their scene and absolutely killing it every single time that their skills have become all but vicious in how effective they are right from the very get-go with no end to the slaughter but the final, murderous note once the albums cease. Even then, though, it’s merely a matter of time before a new offensive is launched and Stillborn’s reign of blood continues.

If the goal for any underground band is to become ubiquitous in their respective scene, it should go without saying that Stillborn has done so with this album and all that they’ve done for the Polish scene. Their brand of extreme metal and never been anything to trifle with ever since their earliest days, but it has to be all that is brought forth within the destruction of “Cultura de la Muerte” that has to be considered one of the band’s deadliest to date.

“Cultura de la Muerte” releases on June 10th via Godz ov War Productions!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Cultura de la Muerte” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Stillborn on Facebook here.

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