Jagannatha – Trimurti

Instrumental, drawn-out, and unbelievably heavy doom metal with a good dosage of sludge is the sort of metal that I live for nowadays. There’s nothing quite like falling back into a piece of ultimate heaviness and coming out on the other side of the work feeling as though you’ve been truly transformed, and it makes the searching all the better knowing that rarities like that simply don’t come around often. So, when we do get bands like Jagannatha I always make a point to hail them for defying the odds and crafting a performance whose splendor simply cannot be ignored. Having put out two exemplary albums already, the reputation of the band has never been in question, but it’s with their third album where this quartet truly stuns.

When the sky truly does seem to be the limit for up-and-coming bands of this caliber, it makes one wonder just how long it would take for any band in question to hit that ceiling as there’s only so far each act can go before they stagnate in terms of talent and prowess that they can achieve. But if the sky is the maximum height for most, Jagannatha has proven with their best work to date, “Trimurti”, that the edge of the cosmos is just the very beginnings of what they’re capable of achieving. If the cover art doesn’t give you a significantly heavy idea as to just what kind of presence is present for the utter entirety of this 3-track 41-minute behemoth then it should be the first thirty seconds that tell you right to your face. The crushing heaviness that is prevalent throughout virtually the entire runtime of all that is to be offered within “Trimurti” is what doom and sludge fanatics of all creeds should hail as a true masterwork of the prolonged riff for it’s at every given moment where we’re able to witness the next evolution of Jagannatha as they continue to spearhead the style to new realms of smoked-out wonders where even the very light of day cannot pierce fully. This is what it means to lose yourself in all-encompassing heaviness. This is what happens as we get towards the endgame of the end-all-be-all of intensity. “Trimurti” is the result of patience, ethereal imagination, and untouchable heaviness brought together in a virtually flawless package. This is what it means for perfection in this vein of metal, and it’s only fitting that Jagannatha should be the band to make it look absolutely effortless.

Ever since I had discovered this kind of music existed almost ten years ago thanks to Inter Arma’s “The Cavern”, this kind of music has been my ultimate destination for heaviness and what all can be done with the genre with the right amount of talent and ambition. I do my best to not let the thrill of a good find get in my way of judging the actual quality of an album in question, but I simply cannot help but feel endlessly giddy over all that Jagannatha brought forth for this monolithic effort. “Trimurti” is all we could ask for from this particular sect out of the worlds of doom and sludge, and it’s purely the kind of work I cannot help but lose myself in endlessly. 

LISTEN to “Trimurti” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Jagannatha on Facebook here.

2 thoughts on “Jagannatha – Trimurti

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad to have found another work of grand fuzzed-out heaviness that you’re able to enjoy! You’re definitely one of my most consistent readers throughout the year and it always makes my day to hear from you again!

      I do hope you’re recovery is going well, and I’m more than ecstatic to be able to provide something new for you. It amazes me that Jagannatha hasn’t been covered by places like The Obelisk, but it’s hard to lose greatness in an ocean of potential wonders. Again, it just makes me happy to know at least one person found enjoyment in something I had to talk about.

      Thanks again!

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