Defect Designer – Neanderthal

In the way of death metal that cannot be considered as anything other than truly mind-melting, there really is no shortage of such acts should you simply do some brief sifting throughout the underground we’re lucky enough to find ourselves in nowadays. In particular, where we find the realm of death metal crossing over with the acidic world of grind we’re able to come across some of the craziest works of metal out there with the envelope always being pushed by each new band that manages to come around. Formed half out of two members from the adjacent Diskord, it wouldn’t be any stretch to say that Defect Designer already had their foot in the door of the style when they started out 17 years ago, but that wouldn’t even begin to touch on the craziness of Defect Designer. And yet, somehow, it’s with their forthcoming album in which the band has managed to top themselves in every way possible.

Out of the gate, whenever you see an album cover art that’s done by the rare appearance in metal art from the undeniable Ian Miller, the same man behind the artwork for Ulthar and Stormkeep, you should already be keenly aware that you’re about to step into a performance that assaults all of the senses in such fashion that’s unyielding in its ferocity as they are exquisite in their many levels of madness. You could pick any track out of the seven that Defect Designer have brought from the very depths of insanity in order to bring “Neanderthal” to life and you would find yourself in a world of schizophrenic death metal brought together by the self-devouring energy of grind with both working in tandem to make for an effort that’s not simply something that can be ignored. Each piece has its own magnificent identity that drives you even further into the multi-layered dimension of sanity of endless color and otherworldly musical prowess, and I cannot explain to you how that is somehow just the very beginnings of what Defect Designer brings forth for this performance. To delve into any piece of this monolithic testament to the depths of ultimate, primitive depravity is to lose yourself with your pathetic consciousness and paltry flesh separating very early on in the record with the rest of “Neanderthal” making damn sure that you’re left in a state wholly unable to piece yourself back together. Defect Designer has crafted a pulverizing experience of musical ingenuity and undeniable chaos, and they’re simply not going to let any of us put ourselves back together easily after such a performance that’s as horrific and bone-chilling in the best ways possible.

This is the sort of album that the combination of death metal and grind have always been destined to create, but it’s in every given way that very few of us could have ever hoped to have witnessed anything quite like what Defect Designer has summoned for this ungodly performance. An effort that’s as challenging as it is maddening, this is not a record for the weak in any form yet I cannot help but implore you to lose your minds in this creation for it is sure to be an experience that you won’t soon forget.

“Neanderthal” releases on July 8th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Neanderthal” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Defect Designer on Facebook here.

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