Angel Rising – Immortal Volition

There is nothing that can come close to some quality, straightforward death metal. It can be some of the most simplistic but effective forms of metal out there with some simple riffage making an incredible experience out of something so basic, but it can just as easily become a bewildering display of prowess that few other styles are able to come even close to with its high skill ceiling. Some of the best death metal out there, though, combines the best of both despite how difficult that may seem with succeeding albums creating an experience that simply cannot be placed as anything other than extraordinary. That wasn’t what I was expecting when I sat down to listen to the latest album from Angel Rising, but it’s within the effort where I found just that and somehow even more.

It’s when albums are able to be made into something that’s even just a little bit more than just a collection of records, then I feel that’s precisely when the band in question is able to rise up and really show listeners what they’re capable of just by the very act of attempting more. In the case of Angel Rising with “Immortal Volition”, it’s with immense aptitude and talent that the French act sought to bring to the table an apocalyptic concept album that’s more than fitting for their approach to death metal with all the twists and turns alongside harrows and horrors that can be packed into eight tracks with more than enough flavor and excellence to be had for anyone who’s simply before the creation for a pure listening experience. From the dazzling display that the strings show us to the thundering of the drums to the unshakeable command of the vocals, it’s the very call of “Immortal Volition” that shows us what exact kind of death metal Angel Rising brings forth with it being clear right from the very beginning that this band’s take on the style is nothing short of impactful, dynamic, and utterly engaging without fumble as it’s all performed exquisitely to bring us a fantastic blend of devastation and macabre wonder. Sprinkled on top of all of that is the story that adds a tremendous backdrop to all the craziness entering the ears with the tale of a rising species taking the throne as lords of the world after apocalyptic waste unfolded with the king’s resurrected son witnessing what his father had done whilst he was amongst the dead. If that isn’t a fitting story for such a vicious album then I don’t know what is.

Every point of this record has something to draw the listener in even more whether it’s a new side of the technical prowess that Angel Rising is not shy to flaunt so long as it’s done to maximum effect on the ears with the forthcoming graphic novel depicting the story of the album itself surely to be a fitting feast for the eyes. There’s so much to pick apart and enjoy about all that “Immortal Volition” brings to the table, and I cannot help but feel that this is just the beginning of what we can expect to see from the French band as we move forward.

LISTEN to “Immortal Volition” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Angel Rising on Facebook here.

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