Firebreather – Dwell in the Fog

There is true power at play when we bring together the very worlds of sludge and doom metal. Even separate, the two can make for vicious listens that hold nothing back whatsoever should the band in question manage to take an approach that can capitalize on that potential in any form whether it’s some cruising riffage or apocalyptic splendor. The union of the two styles has become virtually nigh-on inseparable as their qualities have become more and more intertwined as the years of gone on with throngs of acts coming forth to show us just what kind of excellence such a sound can bring forth. While they could still be considered newcomers to the scene by some, Firebreather’s impact since their debut cannot be denied or ignored in any form. With what’s just their third album, Firebreather continues down their path to ultimate underground glory.

At this point, the very name of Firebreather should catch the interest and have the ears perk up by anyone who has been paying even the slightest bit of attention to what has been coming out of the depths of the underground in the last five years. Thus far, every release from this Swedish quartet has been something to investigate with extreme anticipation alongside high expectations, but it has got to be their newest creation, “Dwell in the Fog”, that has the potential to truly become the band’s flagship effort. Not only is it the most dazzling and impressive display of power that Firebreather has brought to the table since their inception, but it effortlessly stands as a virtually flawless effort of what it means to bring together the patience and potency of doom metal along with the utterly unrelenting power of sludge in one massive package that offers the listener something new with each and every spin. There’s an undeniable thunderstorm at play for every given second of “Dwell in the Fog” with the very power of Firebreather something that should drop the jaws of any who bear witness to the wildly refined mastery that’s on full display in each of these six tracks with each of them so spectacular that I cannot help but sit here and suggest it to anyone who hopes to find some of the most essential pieces that the style has thrown our way since the start of 2022, and it’s all but fitting that Firebreather should be one of the bands to deliver such a performance.

This is certainly one of those records that’s hard for me to pin down in order to convey into words despite my best efforts. Firebreather has always been a performance to hear since their earliest days with this record marking their most mature and complete work to date with the very whole of the underground clamoring in agreement, thankfully. There’s much to discover within the colorful, oppressive, and cacophonous depths of all that “Dwell in the Fog” puts forth, and I can only implore you to get lost in its magic.

LISTEN to “Dwell in the Fog” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Firebreather on Facebook here.

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