Geisterfaust – Servile Mirrors of Animosity

With all the different directions that the very spirit of black metal has branched out into over the years, it has got to be into the raw and unforgiving realms of sludge that I cannot help but feel that we don’t see enough bands pursuing despite the clear glory that’s to be offered should a band simply go for it. Many have brought it to the table in fleeting amounts, but relatively few have dared to push forward and try to bring about the concoction in a more simplistic albeit intrinsic form that is not to be ignored. Gesiterfaust is still a new name to the scene by all accounts, but it’s just barely a year after releasing its debut EP that the German group already shows immense promise with their latest creation.

There’s a lot of leeway to be had in a sound like this with the band in question effortlessly being able to shift the balance from one side to the next with as much as a slight shift in the approach of songwriting more than enough to tip the scales in the other direction. When we look at the sound that Geisterfaust comes to the table with for their latest EP, “Serviles Mirrors of Animosity”, it’s no struggle whatsoever to see that this band leans more towards the black metal aspects of the combination, but in no way do they leave the sludge elements in the back to simply wither away. Rather, Geisterfaust uses it magnificently in waves to really enhance the overall performance that never once holds back in any regard whether it be in the form of some crushing riffage, dense expanses of emptiness that could suck the light right out of one’s soul, or a brief calm passage that’s meant to lure you in even further before delivering a blow that’s as potent as the flash of lightning before the thunder. It all effortlessly coalesces into one massive, swirling cauldron helmed by clearly capable chefs that manage to show us just how adept they already are at their macabre craft with the very spirit of “Servile Mirrors of Animosity” far from anything that can be dismissed as mere black metal seeking to sound different with the addition of the very word of “sludge” with the reality being a potent effort that does that concept of the sound immense justice.

This is just a taste of what happens when you bring sky-cracking power into the world of black metal as talented musicians come together to really deliver a performance that cannot be denied whether it’s the scathing black metal, unyielding sludge, or both that move the listener right from the beginning. Surely, “Servile Mirrors of Animosity” is just the very start of what Geisterfaust is able to bring forth, but it’s no matter what comes next that I think we should all agree that this act has already brought forth a mighty effort that shouldn’t be denied.

LISTEN to “Servile Mirrors of Animosity” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Geisterfaust on Facebook here.

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