Ufomammut – Fenice

With all the many different forms of psychedelia that have cropped up over the decades, it has to be its heavier forms that have got to be some of the most interesting iterations of what the concept is capable of when put in the hands of the talented and the capable. For years now, one of the most undeniable names in the world that have managed to bring forward such glory in staggering quantity with the quality to match has to be Ufomammut without a doubt. After nine massive studio albums, the reputation of Ufomammut has become all but cemented in the psyche of the modern scenes of heavy doom and all of what it means to be heavy with psychedelia with their tenth effort one that is sure to be hailed as a standout performance in an already exemplary discography.

Two years ago, we had a little bit of a scare with Ufomammut. When the band announced a hiatus, some of us feared that they would never return with the very thought something that hurt the very soul even after twenty years of excellence, but it wasn’t all that long before they returned to us determined to deliver a performance that cannot be considered anything other than a creation born of Ufomammut but one that’s distinct in an entirely different fashion. Brought together as a single-track experience but then dissected into six distinct pieces, it’s the very whole of “Fenice” that sees Ufomammut go from the mind-bending cosmic backdrop to what can only be considered a much more introspective experience as it’s in each part that Ufomammut seeks to portray some part of their soul as the record has an undeniable and intoxicating sense of exploration that permeates every given second that’s at play. There is no corner left untouched, no part of the psyche that isn’t tapped into, nor any aspect of what Ufomammut has become known for that doesn’t have a significant part to play here from the riffs to the untouchable psychedelia to the immense power that has the most dramatic sense of timing for ultimate impact. It all enables “Fenice” to become a grand work of heavy psychedelia that is all but fitting for the likes of a band like Ufomammut for all that it brings to the table and dares to achieve with the end result nothing short of a tremendous journey through the self in the heaviest of forms to really solidify both what the sound can still become and what this band can be capable of as if we needed any further proof for that second part.

Every new effort from a band like Ufomammut is always a reason to herald the return of greatness for all that the band has accomplished and likely will continue to, yet that never once detracts from the excitement and bewilderment of a new experience whenever one comes around. “Fenice” fires on all cylinders and hits all the right notes to win over both fans new and old of Ufomammut, leaving one to wonder how the case could ever be otherwise.

“Fenice” releases on May 6th via Neurot Recordings!

LISTEN to the single, “Psychostasia”, on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Ufomammut on Facebook here.

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