Expedition – A Good Day To Die

With the widespread influence of metal in virtually every country in the world at this point, it can be all but effortless to let a few select up-and-coming scenes slip away unbeknownst to us while larger, more well-known countries take the spotlight whether it’s France, the United States, Germany, or literally anyone from Scandinavia. But, should you simply shift your gaze to the growing scenes in places like India, Mexico, and Australia (just to name three), you will see true talent coming out of absolutely nowhere to show us that grand quality can be found truly all over the world. One of my favorite growing scenes has got to be Ireland with the country always impressing me no matter the band or style, and it’s finally from the realms of thrash that the Irish have presented to me a band that is all but tantalizing to sink my teeth into.

It tends to be Irish doom metal that conquers my thoughts whenever I take into consideration what the Irish scene is capable of with bands like Soothsayer dominating my interest over the years, but it’s finally at the opposite end of the metal spectrum in the form of Expedition’s debut EP that I can finally get a taste of what the Irish can do in ways of the speedy riff and unbridled energy. A debut like this would be forgiven should it make some missteps simply because of the fact that it’s a debut, but never once did Expedition allow that to be used as a valid excuse as they crafted the six tracks of “A Good Day To Die”. In no way is this the type of creation that’s meant to herald in the next big transition for the world of thrash or even represent what Ireland as a whole can bring to the table in ways of quality thrash, but, rather, this is just the very first step from Expedition to show us what they can do right out of the gate with the speed and riffs at play here c checking off all the necessary boxes needed in order to make this creation a respectable one no matter what angle you look at it from. The very power that’s at play throughout the whole of “A Good Day To Die” channels the very spirit of what thrash has always been about since its earliest days with veteran acts sometimes failing to bring forth an experience as competent as this which ultimately makes this debut EP something to respect for all that it manages to achieve despite the inexperience going on behind Expedition.

Quickly, the album lays forth a foundation for the very future of Expedition for every reason be they obvious or otherwise. It should be clear to any who walk into this EP that this is not a band to be taken lightly for all that they managed to bring to the table on what’s just their very first offering with the significant quality at play here effortlessly elevating it above a substantial swathe of the competition both in Ireland and beyond, and I can’t help but feel that “A Good Day To Die” is just the tip of the iceberg of what this band can dish out.

LISTEN to “A Good Day To Die” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Expedition on Facebook here.

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