Truchlo Strzygi – Gwiezdny Demon

The worlds of punk and black metal are distinctly different realms at a glance, but it’s in the right hands that, like many things, they can be brought together to be made into a sound that cannot be considered anything other than a raw tour de force. Yet, despite the rewards that are to be had with such a concoction, the number of bands that dare to bring it to life is still frustratingly low to someone like me. With the right hands crafting the material, there’s nothing that can stand in the way of a good performance of black metal and punk for all that it’d be able to bring to the table. For years, Truchło Stryzgi has been my standard in that very scene ever since I first heard them with their upcoming sophomore full-length album that they’ve only furthered that magnificent trend!

It was with their debut album that Truchło Stryzgi immediately set themselves apart from virtually everyone else in their particular vein of the vast metal underground with the performance of “Pora Umeriać” effortlessly one of the more flavorful and interesting albums that year had to offer, and it’s with its full-length successor that Truchło Stryzgi is setting themselves up to do it for a second time. Eight tracks that feel much more mature yet somehow more unyielding than before, it’s the very whole of “Gwiezdny Demon” that shows us what this Polish act is truly capable of as we’re able to see just how far they have managed to come in the four years since their debut album. Nothing fancy whatsoever is taking place here which certifiably contributes to the undeniable punk attitude that permeates every single minute of this track while it’s the scathing black metal aspect of it all that really elevates this performance into a creation that’s effortlessly so much more than a simple work of either. A true reflection to the underbelly of what many facets of society have come to be, words like “refined”, “pristine”, “polished”, or anything else of the sort have any place in an effort like this where everything is fantastically rough around the edges for tremendous, dramatic effect that’s at play for the very whole of “Gwiezdny Demon” with all that Truchło Stryzgi managed to summon for their sophomore effort something that we could’ve only hoped for.

Without question, every possible given piece of what Truchło Stryzgi managed to deliver for their latest can easily be looked upon and thought to be their best yet for all the right reasons with everything playing to the band’s advantage for these eight tracks. No matter how you look at it, the very essence of “Gwiezdny Demon” is what many of us need more of in our listening habits with Truchło Stryzgi clearly being a consistent source of glory for just such under-appreciated metal.

“Gwiezdny Demon” releases on April 22nd via Godz ov War Productions!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Gwiezdny Demon” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Truchło Stryzgi on Facebook here.

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