Naxatras – IV

Throughout the last decade, there were a handful of names that helped prop up the modern landscape of heavy psych into what it is today with a select number of bands coming out of the woodwork and simply astounding at virtually every turn. Undoubtedly, Naxatras was one of them. Releasing an album at an impressive rate since their debut in 2015, the recent four-year stretch that we’ve gone without new material from the Greek act feels like an outright drought of vicious proportions. Yet, I think many of us knew that much like a fine wine that gets infinitely better with time that the same would ring true for Naxatras’s fourth opus. In no small way, such a comparison couldn’t be any more appropriate.

Without having to even think about it, fans of Naxatras should be instantly excited once their eyes land upon that very engaging artwork while newcomers will surely find themselves engrossed in all that the art might promise. Such aspirations might be considered hasty or quick to assume, but it’s the very name of Naxatras that invites those assumptions of nothing but the highest of quality with every possible inch of all that is brought forth in the ten tracks of “IV” that live up to such titanically high standards! A supremely dense creation that has more layers than any planet and so much more color in its sound that many of us could ever hope to comprehend, the epic nature of this record becomes apparent in just the first minute of the album with everything else that comes after it seeming like a dream come true for the modern love of psychedelia for its through the themes of transmutation and out-of-this-world quests crashing together to make for an experience that’s much more than just a creation that can be left at a simple mixture of riffs here and there added one top of some fancy-sounding reverb. There is no doubt in my mind when I say it and I would dare any of you to defy the truth: there’s so much godly excellence to be had within the confines of “IV” that is damn near mind-breaking to fathom with Naxatras all but the perfect vessel to deliver what could very well be the first undeniable masterpiece of 2022 or even the decade as we’ve known it so far.

This a work of pure magic and mastery with such a creation exactly what has come to be expected from the psychonauts of Naxatras as each track plays to their strengths on a terrifyingly excellent level, yet it’s even after being lost in its wonders for hours that I’ve found it difficult to put that experience into words. There’s no arguing with it: “IV” is a lesson in psychedelia majesty like very few others.

LISTEN to “IV” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Naxatras on Facebook here.

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