Acid Spit – Grave Scum

The very idea of being the very essence of punk is something that not nearly enough bands are able to accomplish despite how much many of us would like to find it. To find the bands that really embody that very spirit, you must dig into some of the densest regions of the underground in order to find even one name that has something to offer. Out of the lowest dungeons of Hanover, it’s with their first proper release that the quartet of Acid Spit doesn’t only check off all the right boxes, but they exceed in every possible category.

A lot goes into the very outward and mean world of punk even whether or not the band in question leans more towards the fringes of rock and metal, and we could sit here all day and discuss what all goes into such a complicated and multi-layered formula but the one that I think most of us can agree upon is simple: attitude. Simply going into an effort with the idea of just being loud with some mildly catchy riffs is not nearly enough to make for a creation that can be considered punk in any form or even entertaining. Pick any song from Acid Spit’s “Grave Scum” and you should quickly come to realize that this is the embodiment of punk that so many of us are constantly craving for whether we’re conscious of it or not. I’d love to go in-depth for such a record like that manages to somehow bring together all of the best aspects of an entire scene in just seven tracks, I can’t help but feel like that’s all I can say. That’s not because I don’t think “Grave Scum” is a record that can be summed up wholly in such a meager sentence, but to inflate this record with fancy words and praise would distract from the unapologetic punk attitude mixed gloriously with a potent injection of thrash metal brought together for an awesome record with virtually no flaw despite this being the first proper creation from the likes of Acid Spit of which none of it I would ever change for anything.

It’s only every so often that we can find a creation that manages to bring together all facets of any given style so pristinely that it becomes a true tour de force for what the style has to offer for any of us, and I cannot help but feel that that’s precisely what has happened with everything that could ever hope to be associated with Acid Spit. At first, “Grave Scum” seems like an unassuming entry in the vast, sprawling underground that won’t be able to gain much ground, but it’s in every possible way that anyone who would think that should be immensely foolish when faced with the reality of these seven pieces of an unyielding onslaught.

LISTEN to “Grave Scum” on Bandcamp here.

Acid Spit does not have any sort of social media platform that I could find, so, please, follow the band via their Bandcamp page here in order to stay up-to-date on any new material that the band will hopefully put out soon.

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