Morgue Supplier – Inevitability

Not too often enough do I find myself steeped anywhere near the world of grind with my preferences for the sound stopping pretty hard at larger acts like Cattle Decapitation, but I’ve always known that it could take just a handful of performances out there to bring me further into what the style has to offer. It’s very much one of those things that I just let happen naturally and try not to force since when it happens as a surprise, it truly feels like I’ve stumbled upon something out of this world. When I first heard Morgue Supplier a little over a year ago, I couldn’t help but feel like I stumbled across one such miracle. Now having experienced the aural assault that is their forthcoming effort, all of my hopes have been validated and confirmed to the fullest extent.

Without having to even think about it, Lewandowski’s art is always a good sign without a doubt. More often than not is it paired with the heavier realms of sludge and doom metal, but it’s with their utterly caustic performance that Morgue Supplier makes a real case for his art fitting for the quicker-paced sections of death metal and grind for it’s the cover art of “Inevitability” that ties together all the suffering, nihilism, and bleak reality of existence that’s to be found throughout these eight tracks in a package that’s all but captivating. There isn’t a single moment of this album that is wasted in its onslaught of the human consciousness with even the interlude and outro sequences naught but devices to lower your defenses such that it’ll be by the end of the record that Morgue Supplier is able to snatch your soul and throw it into that lake of fire for you to burn forever with their very music the device to bring about such a reality. Just as blistering as it is calculated in its ferocity, “Inevitability” is what happens when you approach utter chaos with a formulaic mind to bring about not just untold destruction but ultimate suffering pinpointed on the listener such that they’re left planted before the insanity, unable to escape no matter how hard they might squirm about. This is the exact kind of pulsating grind that I’m always craving for whether I know it or not with the death metal elements playing a major role in the chaos at hand here without once overshadowing the core of grind that’s always laying its pressure on the listener to dramatic effect.

In every way, this is a true display of hellish power that is not to be ignored for all of its malicious intent and awesome power with Morgue Supplier almost effortlessly showing us their power as a name that needs to be known with their material nothing to scoff at in any form. It may be another decent length of time before we hear from this duo yet again, but no matter how long we have to wait it’s the very seething madness of “Inevitability” that will keep us more than enough company until then for all that it brings to the table and all that it manages to conquer in just thirty-eight unyielding minutes.

“Inevitability” releases on May 13th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Inevitability” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Morgue Supplier on Facebook here.

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