Warfist – Teufels

When we take into consideration raw, uncompromising speed, it can be easy for any band to find themselves lost in simply trying to be so with quality feeling as though it’s secondary with far too many acts suffering such a fate. As one of the few acts that I’ve come across that’s managed to avoid such an unfortunate fate and turn their sound into something just as devastating as it is intoxicating, Warfist has been a name to know for years now. It was with their last album that I found myself in the throes of wonder at what they had created, and now it’s three years later that I find myself in the same position yet again.

With a sound that’s remained relatively unchanged since its earliest days, succeeding in the world of thrash metal can be considered downright formulaic at this point by many but that doesn’t guarantee success whatsoever should the band in question not be able to inject some sort of life into their music along with the potency necessary to really give the effort in question spirit that can allow the record to stand tall on its own. In no small way, Warfist has been doing so since their very beginnings with time being all but wildly kind to the Polish trio as each release feels as though it’s another step above the last with their fourth full-length, “Teufels”, taking the crown as the band’s best work to date almost effortlessly. The natural evolution of everything that Warfist has been leading up to for years now, it’s all ten tracks at play here, including the very tasteful finale that’s a cover of Arthur Brown, it’s the absolute entirety of “Teufels” that we’re able to see this band at their undeniable peak with their riffs all but viscerally intoxicating, wildly gripping right from the get-go, and undeniably fast such that it offers no reprieve for any who find themselves succumbing to the awesome power that this band wields at every given moment of this terrific creation. For those of us who are able to survive this undeniable onslaught of flesh-peeling speed and uncompromising power, this is nothing but a delectable treat that cannot go unheard for all the flavors that it offers and just how spectacularly it’s pulled off with Warfist doing naught but cementing their reputation in the vast underground.

Before this release, Warfist was already a band that needed to be heard for anyone who considered themselves a connoisseur of what underground speed has to offer, but it’s now with the release of this brand new effort that we somehow see the band raise the bar even higher. Should there be any single aspect of “Teufels” that we’re to learn it’s that this is top-tier quality the likes of which shouldn’t go unheralded, and yet it’s even now that I can’t help but feel as though Warfist still has much more to do before they’re done with us.

“Teufels” releases March 11th via Godz ov War Productions!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Teufels” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Warfist on Facebook here.

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