Corrupter – Descent Into Madness

A truly visceral work of death metal that can only be born out of the caustic, dripping halls of the underground is the exact sort of thing that keeps many of us going in our endless searcher to hear excellent metal as it can be a good deal of time before we come across anything that we may consider interesting while other time it feels as though we’re drowning in quality. It can often be solely left up to where you’re looking, though. For most, it’s the usual bastions of death metal like Scandinavia, America, Germany, and other such countries that many tend to focus their searches on with good reason but there are always secrets waiting to be heard in other corners of the world. Hiding right under our noses within the borders of France comes Corrupter with a debut so tantalizing that it makes you wonder where they’ve been all your life.

Right away, it’s not hard to see that nothing fancy is at play here. There’s no way to deny that what’s going on within these nine tracks of unrelenting death metal are simply that, making the very whole of this creation something that demands to be heard with a presence that’s all but undeniable as Corrupter seeks to leave a consistent and clear path of devastation in their wake with the very body count of “Descent Into Madness” speaking for itself with naught but unparalleled wrath to be met by those foolish enough to find themselves stuck in front of this imposing beast. Armed with a highly delectable palette of unyielding riffs alongside a selectively used yet highly refined sense of atmosphere, it really does feel as though it’s here in these nine tracks that Corrupter has really taken the bull by the horns and encapsulated what many of us have come to identify the best of the underground with as it’s all presented to us in a fashion that is simply tantalizing to any excavator of the very underground “Descent Into Madness” was born out of with virtually every aspect doing its homeworld immense justice, and I don’t think Corrupter could’ve started out on a better foot than what they’ve put forth here. It’s an undeniable deluge of what death metal can be so long as you have competent ambassadors of the underground at the helm no matter what part of the world they’re from, and it should be any given track from the depths of “Descent Into Madness” that should catch the eye of many who are constantly looking out for death metal that’s unashamedly simple, unapologetically vicious, and all but clinical in its voracious executions.

To see this come forth in the form of a debut from any band is the type of thing that immediately makes my eyebrows raise in exciting interest for if Corrupter can manage something like this on their very first effort, who’s to say what else they’re able to deliver in the future? Whatever that may be, there’s no way to ignore what’s been accomplished as we sink further into “Descent Into Madness” as it’s in every way this is an underground creation that’s all but fitting for the times and the expectations many of us may harbor.

“Descent Into Madness” releases on February 11th via Godz ov War Productions!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Descent Into Madness” on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

FOLLOW Corrupter on Instagram here.

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