Hellfrost and Fire – Fire, Frost and Hell

When we consider the very names of the musicians and artists that have propelled the very concept of metal to what it is today, there’s a sizeable list that should come to mind with people from all over the world mentioned in order to truly encapsulate the current circumstances that we find ourselves in. Some are more active than others for one reason or another, and it’s many of them that continues to crank out material like it’s nobody’s business to still shape many corners of the underground to this day. With who we’re dealing with today, the project’s he’s been a part of is mythical laundry list length yet it’s every time that we’re never left wanting more when it comes to an effort’s quality, and that proves to be no different with the debut album from Hellfrost and Fire.

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t too big on the name when I first saw it since it sounds apex cheesy and hokey without any other sort of context, but the latest project from the legendary Dave Ingram, alongside other wildly accomplished musicians from acts that have their own glory to be discovered, quickly shows us that I am still but a fool before the grand glory of the universe at large. With everything that’s been brought forth in the ten tracks of “Fire, Frost and Hell”, it wouldn’t be any sort of stretch to say that this has some of the most straight-forward, face-smacking death metal that we’ve seen lately from a band whose vocalist is a part of many, many notable acts yet it’s even against many efforts from them that the very quality of this work needs to be taken into account. To look at any given track within this smashing debut is to find yourself face-to-face with the exact sort of death metal that wastes no time whatsoever as it doesn’t simply dabble in the dark arts to bring for a promising but ultimately weak performance, but, rather, it’s Hellfrost and Fire that brings forth an absolute barrage of inspired darkness fueled gloriously by truly vicious riffage that makes the very whole of this performance a simple but effective and wildly seductive creation that has all the power, experience, and passion behind it that any of us could ask for. Not all of the most potent creations have to be the loudest or most bombastic works in order to convey a sense of power and domination to ultimately come out on top, and it’s “Fire, Frost and Hell” that should be used as a template to show everyone exactly how it can be done in all of its calculated glory.

A debut work from any band can have a lot of question when it comes to every single factor that ever goes into a release since we simply don’t know what to expect, but I can’t help but feel that when it comes to the quality and power behind the material of this debut in particular that Hellfrost and Fire couldn’t have possibly put out anything less than these ten dark tracks. I can only hope that “Fire, Frost and Hell” will have a follow-up before long, but it will be until then that I cannot help but be wildly content to bask in all that is brought forth in this powerful record for all that it is and bring to the table in every second of its invocations.

“Fire, Frost and Hell” releases on March 18th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Fire, Frost and Hell” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Hellfrost and Fire on Facebook here.

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