Ectoplasma – Inferna Kabbalah

The very old school of death metal still provides endless inspiration for the modern acts that we find ourselves constantly bombarded with whether it be for better or for worse, and I cannot help but feel in every way that it’s undoubtedly for the best since it can keep that old excellence still alive and well in the modern soundscape to also add brilliant contrast to what new techniques and styles are developed. It’s been well beyond the point that plenty of acts have been able to come out of the woodwork and make the old sound still feel refreshingly new all the time in staggering numbers with their forthcoming full-length effort a wondrous testament to their prowess in what’s now a ten-year run.

Since their very debut eight years ago with a demo that quickly evolved into a ferocious debut, Ectoplasma has been a true underground treatment that only real death metal excavators have been able to discover which makes the band’s caustic power a real luxury for anyone lucky enough to have stumbled upon the name. In the years after, the band has only furthered settled in their seat that’s well-planted in the very floor of the underground as they hone their deadly craft to a point that it’s downright murderous in virtually every instance with their fourth full-length of “Inferna Kabbalah” almost certainly their most potent work to date. Right from the very first note, it’s clear to any new listeners that what Ectoplasma brings forth here is a true testament to the very raw power of the unbridled underground where there’s little to no studio magic, no mercy in its mud-coated riffs of pure evisceration, and nothing pretty whatsoever about the execution that’s done to maximum effect in these eight tracks; naught but unrelenting, unforgiving death metal. Everything about “Inferna Kabbalah” speaks to the very floor of the underground where only the nastiest lie and only those who don’t want to be found can be found with Ectoplasma never once seeking fame or notoriety for their craft, but to simply act as a conduit for all things old school death metal as the very name seeks to dismantle all things good in the universe from the false grace of enlightenment and enable true death to be the only power that we’re to answer to in our pathetic lives with the riffs crushing our into our rightful places and the members of Ectoplasma the very vanguards to our eternal damnation.

There is never a true shortage of undeniable glory in the sprawling catacombs of the global underground scene, and it’s clear that from the halls underneath Greece that Ectoplasma has been hard at work cornering their sound and building their power since their emergence to become a true staple of the country’s scene such that now we cannot envision the scene without their terrible power. The very malice of everything poured into “Inferna Kabbalah” is what many of us are always craving for out of everything that the underground may throw our way with every factor of the release luring us in for an utterly eviscerating listen.

“Inferna Kabbalah” releases on January 24th via Rotted Life and Memento Mori!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Inferna Kabbalah” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Ectoplasma on Facebook here.

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